Discover the Hidden Beauty in Mongolia

One of the wonderful places for the adventurers, where they can experience a different culture and lifestyle. Mongolia trip is also preferred by everyone, as this nation has all kinds of needs starting from children to old age. There are a number of entertainment places and also devotional places. If you are lucky on your Mongolia trip, you will be able to encounter the nomads where they sing, dance, and perform horse racing’s which can be seen in only this part of the world.

There are a lot of places to visit in this small country; some of them are listed below:

  • Karakorum Kharakhorin, Erdenezuu

Kharakhorin was a bustling city with high civilization built by the best artists and masters’ antiquity during its time. But it was destroyed through fierce battles through plenty of wars.

The first Buddhist monastery called a ribbon zoo was built on the ruins of Karakorum. The monastery occupies an area surrounded by a stone wall with 108 stupas. The monastery is also equipped with marvelous works from great artists, painters, cutters, and sculptors. Historical information is sure to come along on this Mongolia trip.

  • Orkhon Valley

This place was recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage as a cultural landscape. This place can also be said as the center of attraction in the Mongolia trip. With full of historical data, not only tourist but also researchers come here. There are also beautiful architectural ruins from the 6th century.

Apart from historical aspects, there are also other places like waterfalls and lakes which make a spellbinding spectacle.

  • Gobi desert

One of the most unusual desert landscapes in the world, the place is covered by gravel plains and rocky outcrops cover much of this area which is the home of the last two hum camels in the world and Gobi beers the only birds that you can find in the desert landscape.


There is also the Eagle valley a protected site which narrows into a gorge.

  • Khuvsgul Lake

This place is known as the dark blue pearl of Mongolia and this place is surrounded by majestic mountains covered with thick pines and large forests where the unique wildlife of the region flourishes almost 100 rivers and streams culminating these waters that were first formed almost 3 million years ago due to tectonic actions.

Also known, as the second clearest lake in the world. There is a good chance to see reindeer on your Mongolia trip.

  • Terelj National Park

It is one the most visited national park in the Mongolia trip with its natural beauty forested Alpine mountains and interesting rock formations. Some famous places visited here are Turtle Rock, meditation temple, and local nomadic families.

Tourists have a great opportunity for hiking, horseback riding, rock-climbing and bird watching.

The best time to Mongolia trip is from the months from May to August. Peek traveling is recorded in the month of July. National drink of this place is Airag which must be tried on your Mongolia visit, one of the best holiday destination ideas.

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