Toronto, the capital of Ontario boasts of so many scenic beauties. It’s a great place to explore shop and relax. It is most famous for Niagara Falls, which never fails to amaze. During the winters, it is covered in pristine snow and enchants you with its beauty, making it one of the best holiday destinations.

Toronto tourist attraction

Have a look at some of the major Toronto tourist attraction:

  • Royal Ontario Museum

Having accumulated over 6 million artifacts, this is Canada’s largest museum and a popular Toronto tourist attraction. It has a world-class collection of art, culture, nature, and history from all over the globe and from all time periods.

Toronto tourist attraction

  • The Toronto Zoo

It spans across a vast area of 700 acres and has more than 5000 animals, split into 7 geographic regions. A big hit among the kids for sightseeing in Toronto. Depending on the weather there may be pony rides and horse rides. If you don’t get time to go to the entire zoo, make sure you at least see the pandas and gorillas.

Toronto tourist attraction

  • Fort York

Sightseeing in Toronto for the history buffs. A registered archeological site, it mainly protected Toronto up to World War 2. A cornerstone that has witnessed all the changes for the past 200 years, today visitors can tour the soldiers and officer’s quarters, witness cannon firing; military drills and participate in flag raisings.

Toronto tourist attraction

  • Get trapped in a serial killers van

Ever wanted to know how the characters felt in Stephen King’s or Harlan Coben’s books? This is your chance to experience scenes that feel straight out of the book. A game company called No Way Out literally locks you in the van of a ‘serial killer ‘ and whether you come out unscathed is in your hands. Get ready for an adrenaline shot.

  • Kensington Market

A large and diverse place, those sports goodies from pretty much all around the world. If you don’t mind a bit of chaos, head over to this Toronto tourist attraction. If you happen to go in December, be sure to go on the Christmas food tour where you can enjoy an array of treats, from artisanal cheeses to mulled wine.

Toronto tourist attraction

  • Go Kart

If you are tired of all the scenic beauties you have witnessed in Toronto sightseeing, head over to the Toronto mini-Indy at Etobicoke’s Centennial Park, for a little fun. It’s the longest go-kart in Toronto spanning over 2 km and each lap takes over 3 minutes to complete. It also houses an arcade, batting cages, volleyball court and a mini-golf course. Head over to this Toronto tourist attraction for a little game fun.

Toronto tourist attraction

  • Niagra falls

Though this may be over the edge and a 90-minute drive from Toronto, it’s well worth the detour and high up on the list of Toronto tourist attractions. Take a view from the Table Rock and be awe-struck by the curtain of water. Better yet, take the helicopter ride and enjoy the blue yonder form aerial sites.

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