About Annie

Hello! My name is Annie and I’m just a sweet bright eyed girl who loves to travel! I’m
not an expert but I do think a lot about the things and places I see – so what better place
to post it than on my little blog? Oh, did I mention I was lovely? 🙂


I love to shop and occasionally take part in that while travelling (whenever I have money
or credit to spare!) and I’m always on the look out for something different to do. I also
love just laying on a beach somewhere beautiful because sometimes a gal just needs
to unwind and do the simple things in life. I try to stay active when I’m not travelling,
hitting up the gym whenever possible and eating healthy – I want to be around for a long
darn time!


It’s Lovely Annie showcases my travels around the world as I come face to face with the
strange and the fabulous, talking about my favourite things and awkward things as I get
my lil eyes opened up to all there is out there. Sometimes it’s not pretty, but that’s just
how life is sometimes!

Thank you for dropping by!

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