Flying Dry? Here’s a List of 14 Airlines That Skip the Alcohol


Imagine boarding a plane and discovering that, unlike many others, this airline does not serve alcohol. This is not an uncommon occurrence; In fact, some airlines choose to “fly dry” for reasons such as cultural beliefs, passenger safety, and cost savings, etc. These airlines do not serve alcohol on their flights, decision which can affect your flying experience. This article dives into the murky world of airlines, shedding light on why some pilots are embracing this policy and what it means for passengers. From understanding the theory behind the concept to exploring what it means for passengers, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about dry flying.

How about a dry plane?

A dry airline is an airline that chooses not to serve alcohol on their flights. This decision runs counter to the standard set by many traditional airlines, which offer a variety of alcoholic beverages as part of their flights. But why would an airline decide to go dry? Reasons vary and may include cultural beliefs, legal restrictions, cost considerations, and a focus on enhancing passenger safety. Unlike their counterparts, dry airlines prioritize fresh beverages, offering a unique travel experience with a focus on the comfort and well-being of all passengers.

List of 10 Airlines That Skip the Alcohol

  1. Emirates

Upon review, it is crucial to correct the earlier misstatement regarding Emirates. Emirates, in fact, does serve alcohol on its flights. This airline is known for its expansive selection of complimentary wines, spirits, and beers for passengers in all classes. This service is part of Emirates’ commitment to a luxurious and comfortable travel experience.

  • Overview of Emirates’ Policy on Serving Alcohol: Emirates offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages on most of its flights, catering to the diverse preferences of its international passengers.
  • Any Exceptions or Special Considerations: While Emirates generally serves alcohol, there may be adjustments based on flight destination or specific regulations of the countries they operate in.
  1. Saudia

Saudia, the national airline of Saudi Arabia, adheres strictly to the country’s no-alcohol policy. This stance is in line with Saudi Arabia’s laws and cultural norms, which prohibit the consumption and sale of alcohol.

  • Explanation of Saudia’s Stance on Serving Alcohol: Saudia does not serve alcohol on any of its flights. The airline respects and follows the Islamic laws and traditions of Saudi Arabia.
  • Additional Information About Their In-Flight Offerings: Despite not serving alcohol, Saudia focuses on providing a high-quality selection of complimentary juices, soft drinks, and traditional Saudi coffee, ensuring passengers have a variety of refreshment options.
  1. Kuwait Airways

Like Saudia, Kuwait Airways operates under the laws and cultural norms of Kuwait, where alcohol consumption is also prohibited. The airline’s policy reflects the country’s stance on alcohol.

  • Description of Kuwait Airways’ Policy Regarding Alcohol Consumption: Kuwait Airways does not serve alcohol on any of its flights. This decision aligns with Kuwaiti law and the cultural values of the majority of its passengers.
  • Any Unique Features or Amenities Offered by the Airline: Kuwait Airways compensates for the absence of alcohol by offering a rich selection of alternative beverages. Additionally, the airline prides itself on its hospitality and service, ensuring a pleasant experience for passengers through gourmet meals and other amenities.
  1. Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei Airlines, the national flag carrier of Brunei, operates with a strict no-alcohol policy on board its flights. This policy is in alignment with Brunei’s Islamic laws and cultural norms, which prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

  • Discussion of Royal Brunei Airlines’ Decision to Not Serve Alcohol: The decision reflects the nation’s Sharia laws that govern not only the country but also extend to the airline. By not serving alcohol, Royal Brunei Airlines ensures that its services are in complete harmony with the cultural and religious practices of its home country.
  • Potential Reasons Behind the Airline’s Choice: Beyond religious and cultural considerations, the policy also aims to promote a healthier and safer travel environment, minimizing the risks associated with alcohol consumption such as disruptive behavior.
  1. Air Arabia

Air Arabia, a leading low-cost carrier in the Middle East, offers a unique approach to in-flight beverages, focusing on a variety of non-alcoholic options to cater to its diverse passenger base.

  • Overview of Air Arabia’s Approach to In-Flight Beverages: Air Arabia does not serve alcoholic beverages on any of its flights. The airline prioritizes offering a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, ensuring that all passengers have access to refreshing and enjoyable options throughout their journey.
  • How the Airline Caters to Passengers Who Prefer Non-Alcoholic Options: Recognizing the preferences and needs of its passengers, Air Arabia provides an extensive selection of juices, soft drinks, and other non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality refreshments without the inclusion of alcohol.
  1. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the national airline of Pakistan, adheres to the country’s Islamic principles by not serving alcohol on any of its flights. This policy is a reflection of Pakistan’s cultural and religious ethos.

  • Details About PIA’s Policy on Alcohol Consumption: PIA’s decision to not serve alcohol is deeply rooted in the Islamic values shared by the majority of its population. The airline aims to provide a comfortable and respectful environment for all its passengers, in line with the cultural norms and legal requirements of Pakistan.
  • Any Cultural or Religious Considerations Influencing Their Decision: The primary influence behind PIA’s policy is the Islamic law that prohibits the consumption of alcohol. By following these guidelines, PIA shows its respect for the cultural and religious beliefs of its passengers, ensuring an inclusive travel experience for everyone.
  1. EgyptAir

EgyptAir, the flag carrier of Egypt, adopts a unique stance regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages on its flights. While Egypt itself has a moderate approach to alcohol, the airline aligns more conservatively due to the diverse backgrounds of its passengers.

  • Explanation of EgyptAir’s Stance on Serving Alcoholic Beverages: EgyptAir serves alcohol in moderation on certain international flights but keeps its service in line with cultural sensitivities, especially on routes to and from Muslim-majority countries.
  • Any Specific Guidelines or Exceptions for Passengers: The availability of alcoholic beverages is subject to the destination, flight duration, and class of service. EgyptAir aims to cater to all passengers respectfully, balancing between providing service and honoring cultural norms.
  1. Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Airways, a Kuwait-based low-cost carrier, upholds a no-alcohol policy onboard its flights, mirroring the laws and cultural practices of Kuwait.

  • Description of Jazeera Airways’ Policy Regarding Alcohol on Flights: In keeping with Kuwaiti law and societal norms, Jazeera Airways does not offer alcoholic beverages on any of its flights.
  • Any Additional Information About the Airline’s Amenities: Despite the absence of alcohol, Jazeera Airways ensures passenger satisfaction through a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, quality in-flight meals, and comfort-focused services, proving that excellent service does not necessarily require alcohol.
  1. Iran Air

Iran Air, the national airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, strictly adheres to the country’s Islamic laws, which includes a complete prohibition of alcohol in all forms.

  • Overview of Iran Air’s Approach to In-Flight Beverages: Consistent with Iran’s legal and cultural environment, Iran Air does not serve alcohol on its flights. Instead, the airline offers a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to ensure all passengers have enjoyable options.
  • Any Cultural or Legal Factors Influencing Their Decision: The decision is deeply rooted in the Islamic laws governing Iran, reflecting the country’s commitment to Sharia law. Iran Air’s policy is an extension of these national principles, aiming to provide a travel experience that respects the cultural and religious values of its passengers.
  1. Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways, the national carrier of Iraq, has a strict policy against serving alcohol on its flights. This decision is in line with the country’s cultural and legal norms, which largely discourage the consumption of alcohol.

  • Discussion of Iraqi Airways’ Decision Not to Serve Alcohol: The airline’s stance is primarily influenced by the cultural values and legal framework within Iraq, aiming to respect the preferences and beliefs of its majority passengers.
  • Any Unique Aspects of Their Service or Offerings: Despite the absence of alcohol, Iraqi Airways is committed to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for its passengers. The airline focuses on offering a variety of high-quality, non-alcoholic beverages and traditional Iraqi cuisine to enhance the in-flight experience.


Dry flying offers a unique set of benefits, from improved health and safety to a focus on cultural and religious sensitivity. For those looking for a unique in-flight experience, dry airlines offer a relaxed and inclusive environment, making them ideal for your next trip Thanks to a variety of non-alcoholic and dedicated options will provide passenger comfort for the sake of, the dry airline challenges the traditional flying experience and sober passengers Discover the difference for yourself by considering a dry flight for the next journey that encourages you to explore the skies.

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