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Three Quirky Things About Australia

It should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I really LOVE Australia.

I mean seriously, what’s not to love? The weather is beautiful, the people are so sweet
there are so many amazing animals and the boys are easy on the eyes… yeah! Lol


But something I realized after living here for a while is that, well, some things are just a
bit strange down here! Like, not in a bad way just that it’s kinda crazy to think about that
being someone’s normal everyday life. I always got a kick out of teasing my Australian
friends about their weirdness and for the most part, especially if they’ve been outside of
Australia, they would agree. I don’t want to offend anyone though because seriously I
super love this place, but like, sometimes it was just crazy!

So here are three things I found really quirky about life in Oz:

This is a spread for toast or vegetables that only Aussies love – they even have vegemite
flavoured food it’s got such a following. Now you might be wondering why I say only
Australians love it and I’m not really sure why even they like it! It tastes greasy and salty
– just not something I would ever think about putting on toast or in my mouth… maybe
in my car – but nowhere else!

This was super confusing to me when I got there because so many of the guys were
talking about going to the footy match and I always just thought it was soccer – I was
wrong! There are 3 sports in Australia referred to as Footy – Soccer, Rugby and Aussie
Rules Football. The latter of which is a combination of football, soccer, rugby, volleyball
and basketball, which the Australians only play against each other. I will admit, the
Aussie Rules Football is pretty infectious to watch when you are with a big crowd –
especially at a bar where everyone gets so into it. But I wish they just had one name for
each so people like me don’t get confused!

Surfing is Huge in Australia
surfingMaybe this is unfair because I spent most of my time on the coast (duh – who wouldn’t?
) but people are just crazy about surfing. I never did try it – I have terrible balance – but
I loved watching others hit the waves while I caught the rays in my bikini. I heard from
some of my teacher friends that it wasn’t uncommon for students AND teachers to skip
school if it was a good day for surfing. Now THAT is a lifestyle I could get used to!

Image by Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ Under Creative Common License.


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