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Sunshine Coast, Australia = Fabulous!

I had the chance to visit some friends when I was in Australia who were living in the

community of the Sunshine Coast. For those of you who don’t know it (I sure didn’t!),
the Sunshine Coast is a group of small towns on the southern coast of Queensland just
north of Brisbane. It’s home to great surfing, fantastically sunny weather and a laid back
feel that makes it a great vacation spot. My friend had an apartment on the beach and
there really was nothing like waking up every morning to the sound of the surf and the
view of the Pacific


While I was only there for a few days, I was able to cram a lot of amazing things in that I
have never done before and may never do again – not because it wasn’t great but because
I can’t think of another place that has all these things in one spot! I’m still super jealous
of my friends who get to call this home and hopefully they’re still there when I get a
chance to go back one day.

One thing that rocked about the Sunshine Coast, aside from being pretty relaxed and
beautiful, is that it is accessible by a bus system as well as a decent railroad. We took the
bus to get to most places, like day trips to the further away towns like the amazing Noosa
or even to just see a movie. The train we took to get to Brisbane as well as to a few other
spots along the way. It’s not as super on time and consistent as other trains but pretty
good for such a low population area!

The Glasshouse Mountains should be visited by everyone and if you’re driving to the
Sunshine Coast you’ll undoubtedly pass them so be sure to get some great pictures and
hiking in. The landscape is pretty flat except for the few small mountains that jut out
of the ground and can be climbed in a few hours with relative ease (Mout Ngungun is
probably the easiest and most accessible from the railroad station).

Okay I really loved The Big Pineapple and even though it seems like a tourist trap, it’s
pretty interesting to see how pineapples are grown as well as macadamia nuts. Like, I had
no idea they take like 2 years to grow and are kinda like a cactus. I was sure to take a tour
of the pineapple grove if nothing else because it’s fun and informative – as well as the
macadamia nut plantation. Delicious!

One last thing I saw was the Australia Zoo – home of the Crocodile Hunter and
something everyone should see while in Australia. It’s kind of surreal to be in his zoo
and the amount of stuff in his honour can be kind of creepy, but it was great to see all the
animals, cuddle a few kangaroos and get my picture taken with a koala!!! Jealous? Oh I
know you are! I’m normally not a huge fan of zoos but this place was something else:) To visit these beautiful coast lines you will need Australia Tourist Visa.

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