Exercise and Travel – What Do You Do?

Travelling creates a difficult situation for anyone who likes to keep to a routine. For people who don’t, they’re probably wondering what the big deal is. Who cares, I’m on vacation right? Routines are for those who lead boring button down lives and have no business with the thrill seeking, seat of your pants types who frequent the travel world.

Which, of course, isn’t true at all.

When it comes to staying in shape to travel, people seem to fall into a few different camps:

– Those who don’t care

– Those who get in shape for their holiday but let it go during

– Those who try to stay in shape the whole time

Hiking in Sol Duc River ValleyEither option you subscribe to presents a litany of challenges in the form of sacrifices to enjoyment and overall lifestyle making it difficult to say for absolute certain which you should subscribe to. You may think the group that doesn’t care has the easiest go of it but in reality, if they really don’t care at all, they may be doing more harm to themselves than their easy going ways suggest.

Getting in shape for a holiday can serve a few purposes, namely vanity or to take part in some physical activity. Vanity shouldn’t be discounted as ridiculous because we all are guilty of it on some level and if it makes you feel good and it really isn’t hurting anyone, what does it matter? If you want to pop that shirt off or slip into a bikini without feeling awkward or ashamed, more power to you.

Where it’s more interesting is when people work so hard for a singular event and then just give up completely as soon as it’s over. If looking a certain way or having energy means a lot to you, why not stick to it? It’s easier to maintain something than it is to change it completely and your diet and lifestyle choices are included in that.

Depending on where you are living, certain types of physical activity may be easier or harder to do. The hectic urban lifestyle of an Asian city can make going out for a jog or hitting up a gym next to impossible, but an Australian suburb is likely fitted with running trails and outdoor workout stations. A holiday filled with walking will ensure you are always active but one where you lie on a beach and stuff  your face will likely see you come home larger than  you left. Is it worth it? It’s all up to you.

Vacations are meant to be escapes from the ordinary but remember – we all have to return home one day. If you’re the kind to say “I’ll worry about it when I get back” you might enjoy it at the time but regret it later. Smart choices are never a bad decision!

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