7 Amazing Paddle Boarding Spots in Utah You Won’t Want to Miss


Oh dear, did you hear the wind whispering the mystery of a pleasant summer’s repose? It sings songs about sun-kissed skin, sparkling water, and heart-pounding sneakers! Put on your sunhats now because we’re going to take you on a journey right into the heart of Utah, a hidden reservoir of paddleboarding wonders!

What is Paddle Boarding and why is it popular in Utah?

Imagine walking on water without the constraints of gravity, floating gently under flowing water, imagine swinging on the edge of a thrilling rapid! That’s the hottest blend of paddleboarding, surf and silence. Now think of Utah, overlooking natural lakes, boasting tranquil stretches of sun-drenched water, and beckoning travelers with unparalleled, oh-so irresistible beauty!

An overview of seven boating destinations in Utah should be included in this beach-sized handbook!

Get to the beach now, because here’s a whistle-stop tour of seven amazing paddleboarding spots in Utah that are ready to steal your heart!

  1. Lake Powell: A better-kept secret than just a lake!
  2. Jordanelle State Park: The poster child for Utah’s water sports!
  3. Deer Creek State Park: Trust us, it’s more than the name and fun!
  4. Pineview Reservoir: Has anyone stuck the side of the scenic mountains with their paddleboarding?
  5. Quail Creek State Park: For those who love their paddleboarding a cherry on top (read: incredible vista)!
  6. Sand Hollow State Park: Add a little dare to your paddleboarding with a little rock hopping!
  7. Mirror Lake – Conveys nothing but pure unadulterated joy!

Oh, the beauty of these natives! Each of them is a piece of heaven, ready to deliver on a silver shoe rack, awaiting your dive!


Sneaky Peek to Stir Your Wanderlust

Just when you think that’s it, we’ll inspire you with tantalizing facts, motivational tips, and to-die-for stories about each of these Utah paddleboarding spots to add the cherry on top of your sun-baked day! Imagine pirouetting on a paddleboard as the sun sets over Lake Powell, or catching your breath as the full might of Deer Creek State Park unfolds around you

This is no mirror, beach lovers, this is Utah paddleboarding in all its glory, waiting for you to ride the waves to a divine hideaway! Get ready to toss the beach bags and sand the living room rug, because this summer, it’s Utah’s call… and it’s a call you won’t want to miss!

Location 1: Bear Lake – Blue Wonderland!

location and direction

Bear Lake on the Idaho-Utah border is too wonderful a gem to miss! Whether you take the road of the eagles (Highway 89, people!) or away from Logan Canyon, Bear Lake is ready to give you its hot blues

What they need to know is what you need to do

Oh boy, this is not your everyday pool. This Caribbean in the Rockies is all about its legendary aquamarine waters, where you can fall on gentle waves hugging the beautiful sky. But wait, there’s more! The Bear Lake Raspberry Days Festival is an annual festival (raspberry season left on your calendar, yet?) that blends local fruit and paddleboard fun like no other!

Tips for Paddle Boarders

Before we let you in on the blue:

  • Check for weather updates and wind directions to avoid the Bear Lake Monster (A.K.A strong winds).
  • Bring your own supplies or pick up some from a local store.
  • Remember safety basics: wear a life jacket and stay within your limits.

Location 2: Lake Powell – Painted with natural beauty!

location and direction

Then, we’ll race south to Lake Powell, a sprawling masterpiece stretching along the sun-drenched border of Arizona and Utah. Venture into Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and you’ll find him there, beaming with pride in the sculptural valley!

What they need to know is what you need to do

Just paddle through stunning Antelope Canyon, or let the view of the world’s largest natural stone structure, the Rainbow Bridge, blow your mind! Did we mention the amazing stargazing right off your paddle board? Now that’s magical!

Tips for Paddle Boarders

Already hooked? Here are a few tips for your Lake Powell getaway:

  • Protect yourself from the sun. Slap on some sunscreen and wear those funky sunglasses because desert sun means business.
  • Explore lesser-known – and less crowded – areas, such as Gunsight Bay or Face Canyon.
  • If you’re planning to camp on the beach, don’t forget your license (night paddleboarding, anyone?).

Hit those boards, beach lovers! Utah’s water wonderlands tug at your feet, waiting to give you water views! So, are you ready to take the call?

Location 3: Green River – Embrace Emerald Glory!

location and direction

Ah, the green river! Miles of jade rivers weaving wonderful journeys through the heart of Utah. Have a date with this beauty? Jump onto I-70 eastbound, watch out for a sparkling river, and voila, you’re there, adventurer!

What they need to know is what you need to do

The crackling willows, the opera of birdsong, and you floating the emerald crystals of the green river. Isn’t it like a dream? However, there is real work to be done here. Paddle away from your worries, or channel your inner angler and play chider with the local trout!

Tips for Paddle Boarders

Before you make one with green:

  • This is not the Dead Sea, mate! Respect the present and keep your eyes open.
  • If you want to hook a trout, don’t forget your fishing license.
  • And yes, remember that your sunscreen and life jacket are your best friends.

Location 4: Moab Veterans Dinosaur Park – where prehistory meets Peppy Paddles!

location and direction

We then spend time traveling to a prehistoric paradise visited by modern super-speed yachts. Just drive north of Moab, off Highway 191, and you’ll find yourself at the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park!

What they need to know is what you need to do

Imagine paddleboarding around a 5-acre paleoaquarium, seeing aquatic life from the age of the dinosaurs, and breathing life-sized underwater replicas! And if you’ve had your fill of classic novels, soak up the sun in modern waters.

Tips for Paddle Boarders

Ready for legs in time? Here’s your helpful pre-history advice:

  • A hat and sunglasses protect you from the sun-baked grass.
  • Carry plenty of water, because sometimes even a pool isn’t enough!
  • Display good manners, the ‘settlers’ are mature and deserve respect.

So coastal residents, the Utah water call is loud and hot! Are you ready to pick up your paddle board and answer? There’s just a world of adventure waiting, you just need to have your real splash of luck to make a real splash!

Location 5: Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – Sand-boarding Paradise!

Location and Directions

Strap in, beach lovers, as we whizz down south-west to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. This sandy spectacle is just off US-89, between Mount Carmel Junction and Kanab. Don’t blink or you might miss the coral pink magic stirring up the desert!

What to See and Do

You might ask, paddle boarding on sand? We say, why not! Swap your paddles for sandboards and surf the undulating dunes. Feel the fiery sand on your toes and the desert wind in your hair. Surreal, isn’t it?

Tips for Paddle Boarders

Ready to take the sand-board plunge? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Early morning or late evening ventures make for cooler sands and stunning scenes.
  • Bring a gritty determination (pun intended!) – sandboarding can be quite a workout.
  • Don’t forget the cardinal rule: Carry out what you carry in. The dunes love visitors, not litter.

Location 6: Zion National Park – Paddle amongst Peaks!

Location and Directions

Heading north-east, Zion National Park is a river rhapsody tucked away amidst red canyons. Just hop onto UT-9 and follow the whispers of the Virgin River to your watery wonderland!

What to See and Do

Step aside, sea – River paddle boarding is in vogue and how! Adventure your way up the North Fork of the Virgin River. Each paddle stroke guides you deeper into this cathedral of nature – an experience best served with a side of awe.

Tips for Paddle Boarders

Before you embark on your river journey:

  • Check the weather forecast – storms can turn this serene river into a torrent.
  • Pack a snack or two, because paddling amongst peaks can peak your hunger!
  • Respect the flora and fauna – you’re in their home.

Location 7: Bryce Canyon National Park – red rocks and impact!

location and direction

Then, we ride the waves east to Bryce Canyon National Park. At Scenic Byway 12, look for signs to this geological beauty.

What they need to know is what you need to do

Try lake paddle boarding with a crimson touch! The water adventures at Boatman Lake, nestled beneath a red rock amphitheater, are so surreal that they make you question reality. Pinch yourselves, folks, because you’re in Utah!

Tips for Paddle Boarders

For those willing to take a walk on this red tape:

  • Say hello to the sun – the desert sun can be relentless.
  • Embrace the magic of early morning and late evening to achieve the perfect shoe position.
  • And yes, leave nothing but clues for a wonderful trip!

So, Utah, the sand and information siren beckons! Are you ready to answer the call, ready on hand and foot, with a heart full of adventure? Let’s get involved!

Tailor-made Paddle boarding for All!

Paddle boarding isn’t one-size-fits-all, folks! Each spot in Utah demands a different lilt in your paddle:

  • Flatwater paddleboarding: Best suited for the serene Green River and Zion National Park. Peace, quiet, and the gentle lap of water against your board.
  • Whitewater paddleboarding: For those wanting a thrill, the frothy waters of Provo River’s rapids await you. Remember, safety first!
  • SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding): For beginners, the calm waters of Quail Creek reservoir provide the perfect paddle nursery.

Safety Tips for the Brave and the Bold

Now, who wants uninvited trouble on a dreamy paddle day? So, here you go, the safety tips wrapped in a life jacket:

  • Know Your Waters: Each paddle spot asks for a specific set of skills. Make sure you’re ready and equipped!
  • Suit Up!: Never skip the safety gear—a PFD (Personal Flotation Device), a leash and a whistle should always be part of your ensemble.
  • Stay Hydrated: Utah’s sun can be enchanting but also dehydrating! Water is your on-board bestie.
  • Set Sail with Someone: It’s safer and double the fun!

Your Paddle Boarding Pit-Stand

Need an honest surfer on Utah waters? You’re excited! There are several paddleboard rentals on the beach, ready to get you ready for a water escape! Quench your thirst for knowledge with a paddle-boarding lesson at “Utah Paddle Boards” or “Park City SUP.” They will make sure you are properly trained before the waves welcome you.

Y’all ready to do more ‘po’?

We visited seven amazing and unique places in Utah’s incredible tapestry. From the rose-colored sands of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park to the towering cliffs of Zion National Park to the ruby-red wonders of Bryce Canyon National Park, each place casts a unique spell, and racing boats each reveals a new chapter of unparalleled Utah .

But hey, don’t take our word for it! There’s nothing like sinking your toes into pink coral sand, letting the currents of the Virgin River guide you, and feeling the purple heart of Bryce Canyon beneath your boat That ocean of these adorable pictures are waiting with bat breath to break your rowing paddle.

So come on, watery whispers! Swap shoes for streams, streets for rivers. Join the delicious salty symphony of paddle boarding in Utah where fun isn’t hide and seek, they surf next to you! See you in the next wave, folks, don’t let the water wait too long!

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