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Shopping in Sydney – Yes Please!!!

Before arriving in Sydney, pretty much the only thing I knew for a fact was that I had to see the Sydney Opera House at all costs. Now, I had a pretty good feeling that just
looking at it wouldn’t cost me anything, so right there I knew I had more money and time
to normally spend than I do when I’m traveling, because there wasn’t anything else I
really wanted to see.


Boy was I wrong!

I already talked about all the fun things I got to do in Sydney, some of which didn’t cost
anything and others that added up, but I neglected to mention in greater detail the part of
my Sydney excursion that did indeed cost me the most. Maybe it’s because I’m a little
embarrassed… but not that much!

Okay so anyone who knows me knows I’m a gal who enjoys taking part in a
little consumerism every now and then. Well, replace the words ‘now and then’
with ‘whenever possible’ and you’re more on the money! I don’t buy everything I see, I
do have taste, but I am guilty of maybe getting a little carried away when there are pretty
things in front of me. Don’t look at me that way!!!

George Street took up the majority of my time, as did Pitt Street to a lesser extent,
because the street energy was so contagious but also because there were some pretty
sweet stores to peruse! I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting this trip to turn into a
shopping spree but, uh, yeah! (and I didn’t even get a chance to go to one of the malls –
think how bad THAT could’ve been!).

I started by going into the Lululemon store, which at that point was only like the second
or third one I had ever been in. Now I’m a huge fan of their clothing because it just
feels good and is super flattering – price be damned! I was intending on just getting a
few small things because I didn’t want to bog down my travel bags, until they told me
they would ship it back to apartment for like next to nothing. Well, after that all my
reservations and hesitancy went out the window and I… went a little nuts:s

Now I swore I was going to be good after that, but like RIGHT next door was an Ugg
store. I thought I’d just go in and take a look, after all I was familiar with the boots but
thought they were kinda ridiculous up until that point. That was until I tried them on and
maybe sorta bought a pair. I CAN’T HELP IT!

You can try and shame me all you want, it’s not going to work. I’d just like to say I
could’ve been much worse, as I forced myself NOT to go into the Apple store, which
would’ve only ended badly. But yeah, sometimes shopping in a new city is a great way to
spend a mini holiday!

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