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Teaching English in Europe!

Everyone seems to know someone who has taught English overseas – there are so many places to go! While the latest thing is to go to Asia, don’t forget about Europe – many
countries there speak languages other than English and if you’re a native speaker you can
have a fabulously amazing time working and travelling.

When your decide to spend a year in Europe (or longer!), where to start and go seem
endless and overwhelming – where do you look for reliable information and what do you
need to know? Try starting here:


Get That Expensive Paper Thingy
Also known as a degree! A lot of companies only ask you to have a degree in something
and have native English ability. There are other jobs out there if you aren’t, like if French
is your first language or Spanish or many others (it’s Europe remember!) but because
English is the current language of business, it is highly prized… so you might get paid

Ask Around
If you decide to teach in Europe, there’s a good chance you know someone who has done
it or studied over there or has at least travelled there. Ask them how it was, where the
went and what you should look for – this kind of knowledge is great for more unbiased
opinions than you can get by talking to someone who works for the company.

Drop in On International Job Fairs
Post secondary campuses are great for hosting these kinds of fairs to get people into the
world, so if you’re still in school there is likely one coming to your school at some point.
These fairs have reps from international companies and a lot of them can get you to teach
in Europe (as well as Asia!). Find out about the contract length, the work (like if you
have to plan lessons or if they are pre planned), what other qualifications you need and
anything else you can think of. Grab brochures, find out if they have an English website
and get a business card so you can contact them later.

Be Patient People!!! – Patience is sooo important in the experience, especially when
you’re teaching but seriously, the process can seem to drag on and on – and then just out
of nowhere you have to leave the next day! If you don’t have your degree yet, you’ll have
to wait for that before you can get your visa and all the other fun paper stuff. Even then,
the plane ride over is still ahead (although not as bad as to Asia!).

There are many other things to consider for teaching in Europe, but the main thing is to
get out there and love life. Are you going to live in crazy Rome or the peaceful French
countryside? Just thinking about it is enough to get me excited… how about you?

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