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Spring is in the Air!

I don’t think I need to remind you how much I hate winter… but if I do, check this out as a refresher on my whiney feelings about this evil death season. Every year it seems to last longer than the one before it, regardless of what the scientists and ‘experts’ say about climate change all that stuff. Maybe it’s because I’m getting grumpier in my old age, but even the fond memories I had as a wee lass enjoying a good frolic in the snow seems to be replaced by a seasonal scowl. Just because I’m Canadian doesn’t mean I have to like the snow! Oh wait, it does? Gah…

So you might then be interested to know that I’m REALLY looking forward to spring… probably this year more than ever. I’m ready to banish my boots to my closet forever and bust out lighter clothing options, even though in this country winter is never really over until summer and then it’s the complete opposite of winter. Seriously, I tried explaining this to Aussies and even some Americans about how hot it gets here in the summer in Ontario but nobody seems to believe me. Living in a country with a 50-60 degree temperature differential means it’s never boring!

I’ve spent the spring in a few different countries though over my life and I have to say that even though I like what spring represents, it’s not my favourite season… at least not at home. Here are some places that I really do enjoy spending the spring and I think you’ll agree they provide a wonderfully amazing array of things to do and see:)



One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen was the cherry blossoms in the Tokyo area. I thought before I arrived that I had seen cherry blossoms before, and I had, but nothing could prepare me for the sheer magnitude of the number of trees! The bursts of white and soft pinks and deep fuchsias bring the Japanese out of their winter blahs and back into the world of colour. Add in the fact that many of the parks seemed designed to enjoy the hanami (flower watching), and you have a great way to spend the spring… if you don’t mind crowds!



Not that far from where I live is the French province of Canada and even though Quebec is world famous for its winter festivities, there is one thing that is way more important – maple syrup. Did you know that the majority of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec? Amazing! If you get the chance, visit the province in the spring to watch the process take place at any number of the sugar bushes in the countryside. Watch the sweet tree water be collected, boiled, cooled and then made into a number of delicious treats ranging from maple butter to pastries and liquor.



A beautiful country any time of the year, Switzerland tends to have a less chaotic spring than Canada does despite being a mountainous country with a cooler overall climate. Something I got a kick out of watching in the spring when I was there were all the skiers and snowboarders hobbling through the streets on crutches after the snow has melted. Take in the crisp air on the mornings and enjoy a refreshing climate in an easy going country that’s impossible not to love. As a bonus, taking those sightseeing trips through the mountains will pay off in spades as the mountains still have their snowcaps but the weather isn’t so frigid!


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