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Tokyo, Japan’s industrious capital is not only an amazing place to live but an even better place to enjoy as it is one of the perfect holiday destination ideas. It is filled with museums that captivate you and educate, all at the same time. It boasts of modernity while maintaining their staunch traditionalism. It goes without mention, how pretty it looks during the cherry blossom season, filled with Sakura and cherry blossoms.

Tokyo guide

Here are some of the must-see places in Tokyo:

  • The Imperial Palace

A sight to the sore eyes, and high up in Tokyo guide, the Imperial Palace is home to the current emperor of Japan and has been housing royalty for a long time.If you happen to visit it on Jan 2(New Year’s Greeting) or Dec 23(The Emperor’s birthday), you will be one of the lucky few that gets a tour inside the palace.

Tokyo guide

If you do end up skipping this place, don’t skip the East Garden that overflows with beautiful Sakura and cherry blossoms, especially during spring. It is a sight that is bound to leave you speechless.

  • Tokyo Disneyland

What’s a vacation without fun and adrenaline, get you energy rush by visiting this special place on Tokyo guide. It was the first Disney world to open outside the United States and the 4th most visited theme park, worldwide.

Tokyo guide

Spend an entire day with your tiny tots, fool around in town for a bit, go on a quest in Adventure land, visit Tomorrow land and head over to World Bazaar for a bit of shopping. Straight across the street is Tokyo’s sea life park, pop in for some educational fun. Say hi to the penguins and probably waddle around with them for a bit.

  • Cat café, Nekorobi, Ikebukuro

If you’re a cat lover and feeling a little hungry, Tokyo guide recommends this to you. Step into this quaint little café and fill your stomachs with scrumptious delicacies and your heart’s with all the love these furry adorable cats have to offer.

Tokyo guide

This café is open every day and is easily accessible by trains and metros. This place is bound to let you feeling lighter, happier and calmer.

  • The Tokyo Skytree

As the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, is this skytree to Tokyo. It’s pretty hard to miss it as it towers along at a staggering height of 634 meters.

Tokyo guide

It’s the country’s tallest structure and offers breathtaking views of the entire city.

  • Tokyo’s waterscapes

If you’re tired of touring along dry, arid lands, jump into a cruise ship and tour the city along the cool waters. Tokyo guide ensures that visitors can enjoy various scenes from a modern cruise ship that function along the city’s waters. Scenes of Tokyo as seen from the water.

  • Fuji

If you are tired of city life, head on a 1-day trip to Mt. Fuji and enjoy the exotic scenery. Tokyo guide also recommends a short cruise to Lake Ashi and an aerial tram ride up along Mt.Komagatake.

Tokyo guide

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