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What BC, Helicopters, And Skiing Have In Common

Skis and a helicopter are unlikely combination, but they make better partners than you think. By taking a breathtaking helicopter ride to the beautiful peaks of British Columbia, skiers are finding the rush that they’ve been searching for. For this very reason, heli-skiing is quickly becoming the next big thing in extreme sports.


You’ll start your day at a lodge at the basin of the Rockies Mountains in a town called Revelstoke. It’s widely known throughout the province as a tourist town that’s situated perfectly within the Southern Rocky Mountain Trench, a region that’s known for its photogenic landscapes and interesting topography. You’ll travel to see it up close with your very own eyes by taking a private helicopter ride to the peaks.

Here, you’ll notice the snow quality unlike any other location. Due to its climate, it receives heavy snowfall throughout the year. In fact, it holds the record for the most snow to fall in a single winter in all of Canada when 80 feet of the white stuff fell. This isn’t just any snow either; this is the perfect, virgin powder you’ve only ever dreamt of — high up in the mountains, undisturbed by any other skier, and all yours. As you cut through this drifts and leave you mark, you’ll realize it covers the most exciting ski runs of your life, as well, with vertical drops and alpine bowls.

HelicoptersThough it affords you a luxurious skiing experience, heli-skiing isn’t just for the rich and famous. Reasonable rates for personalized heli-skiing vacations are available through Great Canadian Heli-Skiing. They offer the most customizable access to the mountain, with private packages available for a variety of tastes and time frames. They also provide the utmost comfort when you return from the peaks, with state-of-the-art lodges outfitted with all of the modern amenities you’d ever want. When you plan a heli-skiing trip to British Columbia, there’s no other company you’d want to sign up with. Their dedicated and friendly staff makes sure you have a holiday of a life-time.

Once you’ve tried heli-skiing, you’ll never want to go back to regular skiing. With its breathtaking views, incomparable powders, and relaxing nights, a heli-skiing vacation is perfect for any skier who’s ready to try something new. Ditch the chair lift and over-crowded resort and embrace the new and unexplored Canadian wilderness.

Image by fiction300,Dave Hamster under cc license


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