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Adrenaline Boosting Holidays: 5 Trip Ideas for Thrill Seekers

Do you find that every autumn you go into some sort of hibernation mode, bundling up indoors, binge eating on all the comforting carbs you can get your hands on and generally just lazing around? You’re certainly not alone. But, this year, I’m determined to overcome this habit!

As someone who has been firmly bitten by the travel bug, I’m keen to incorporate a lovely little break into my winter schedule – one which allows me to go all out and do something totally different to really break from the winter slump.

So, after trawling the net and asking for recommendations, here are the 5 adrenaline-boosting options I’m considering:

Sky Diving

Ok, I might be getting carried away with this one but it does look awesome. I just don’t know if I’m really that brave. I’m not scared of heights, but falling through the sky is a pretty rational fear. The tandem dives seem a little less daunting though when you’re strapped to someone who does this all day every day. I love those images you always see of people doing dives and it looks like the most exhilarating experience ever – definitely one to consider.

Arctic Adventure

I discovered arctic adventures in Iceland when I was looking up places for rafting holidays but this totally blows that idea out of the water (bad pun intended!). It sounds a bit chilly but totally amazing. There’s also the added pull of the possibility of seeing the Northern lights.

What’s not fun about quad biking through mountains and lava fields covered in snow?

I’ve been to Iceland before and the hot chocolate alone is enough to make me want to go back and experience the thrilling side of this breathtaking country.

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This is something that’s been on my bucket list for a while now but I have yet to make it a reality. There are many local places where you can try kitesurfing, but sunny locations make it so much more appealing. So, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that one of the best destinations to enjoy kifesurfing is Morocco.

The coastal town of Essaouira is home to great surf centres such as Explora Morocco, who offer kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing lessons for all abilities and, to save me some public embarrassment, they even offer one to one tuition!

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Unusual scuba dives

While most scuba dives are, understandably, geared around seeing marine life, there are alternatives ranging from the quirky to the downright creepy. In the tropical blue waters of Cancun in Mexico, there are 403 life-sized sculptures of people on the sea-bed, which are the work of British sculptor and scuba diver Jason deCaires Taylor. Meanwhile, just off the coast of Miami, Florida, there is an artificial reef that is also a cemetery. The Neptune Memorial Reef is the final resting place for ocean lovers. People who choose the reef to be laid to rest in have their ashes mixed with cement and water and then moulded into a sculpture of their choosing.

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Galloping on horseback

Travelling at speed on a 1,000kg animal is sure to get your adrenaline flowing. I’ve found you can gallop along the sands at Papiesfontein Beach in South Africa, finishing with a cooling dip with your stead. Or, for the ultimate exhilaration, there are ranches in North America which allow you to ride western style, rounding up the cattle.

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With so many incredible experiences on offer across the globe, it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one this winter!

Katie is a travel-loving blogger from the UK. She is always on the lookout for her next adventure. What’s the most exciting holiday you have been on or where will your next adventure take you? She’d love to get your suggestions. You can follow her on twitter @delightsomeblog.


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