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How Can Spa Treatments Provide a Body Boost?

When you go to a spa, you want to come out with a healthy mind, body and soul. In this guide to spa treatments, we’ll be focusing on how they can boost your body and ensure you leave feeling healthy and relaxed.

Rasul Experience

This treatment has plenty of different options, enabling the recipient to tailor it to the experience that is right for them. Firstly, it is often available in both single and couple options – meaning that if you’re on a spa retreat with your other half, you can enjoy the experience together.

In addition, there are three different types of this treatment – depending on what you’re looking to get from it: soothe me, awaken me and balance me.

The soothing option is brilliant for people with sensitive skin. Before being left to relax in the Rasul chamber, skin will be scrubbed, drizzled with camellia oil and hydrated with a milk bath designed to nourish the skin. They will also have quiet mind temple balm applied. Afterwards the skin should feel smooth, nourished and healed.

Those who want to be awakened rather than soothed will find that this detoxifying, firming treatment provides them with a welcome energy boost. Devils mint body scrub is applied first, and then the treatment recipient enjoys an invigorating shower. After this, the individual’s systems are stimulated by Cellutox body oil while they relax in the heat of the Rasul chamber. As a result, it is hoped sluggish bodily systems will be stimulated, providing a welcome energy boost. The final application of body sculpting serum and cream is then made to finish off the process.

A balancing option enables people to de-stress their minds and help their system find a good equilibrium. This is done by applying tranquil touch body scrub and then indulging in a relaxing shower. Those receiving this option are invited to relax as the de-stress massage oil and quiet mind temple balm is added. After a nourishing milk bath, the body is warmed in the Raul chamber.

MassageAHot Stones Massage

A hot stones massage uses warm basalt pebbles to melt tension from the body. This ancient therapy utilises heat from stones, which is then slowly released into the heart of the muscle, allowing for an entirely new body experience. Small stones are placed on key energy points, and luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body. This experiences aims to give the recipient maximum relaxation.

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

The Deep Tissue Muscle Massage is a classic, that many unsurprisingly opt for. The deep rhythmic pressure massage alleviates high stress levels and eases the aching muscles of the back, arms and legs. Using an amazing blend of essential oils, it targets a customer’s individual needs while also reviving the senses.

Full body Massage

This Swedish-style relaxation technique is designed to soothe bodies to eliminate tension embedded in the muscles of the arms, legs and back. This means that those receiving it come away feeling better all over.

Green Tea Detox

A Green Tea Detox offers a total relax thanks to its detoxifying and anti-oxidant Matcha green tea scrub. This green tea polish is a great precursor to a Rasul experience, and is believed to have slimming and anti-ageing effects on the body.


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