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How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Short on time? No problem! Just because you don’t have a week to spare, doesn’t mean you can’t go on an amazing vacation. It does mean that you have to get a little creative, though. If you’ve been picturing a romantic trip for two, here is how you can plan  the perfect weekend getaway:

Think About What Is Nearby

There’s nothing wrong with taking a quick weekend jaunt. To spend less time getting to your destination and more time enjoying it, start by thinking about what is nearby. Look for cities, towns, and attractions that are less than five hours driving distance. That way you’ll be able to have all the fun of a road trip, without being cooped up in the car for too long.

382836_10100412312933951_365160490_nFigure Out How You’re Going to Get There

Once you’ve picked where you’re going, you’ll need to plan how you’re going to get there. Do you want to drive? Or, do you want to take the train or another form of public transportation? Whatever you decide, consider how it will affect the overall experience of your trip. However you choose to travel, make it fun by coming up with an upbeat travel playlist or playing silly car games.

Get Great Deals Online

Going away for the weekend doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Look on websites like Expedia or Hot Wire to get great deals on hotels, car rentals, tours, attractions, and anything else you may need! You’ll be able to save some cash and still plan the perfect romantic getaway at the same time.

Do Something Different

There is more to experiencing a city than hitting up the usual tourist attractions. To make your trip romantic – and a little different – find unique and interesting things to do. You can do a bit of research or speak to local residents. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction. You may also want to stay at a quaint B&B instead of the usual chain hotel. It will have all of the romantic atmosphere you’re craving!

Go Tech Free for the Weekend

Nowadays, we are attached to our cell phones, tablets, and computers. The whole point of getting away, though, is to actually take a break from it all. Do you really need to check your email while you’re on a romantic getaway? No! There is nothing that will kill the mood faster. For just one weekend, put your gadgets away. This will show your partner that you are more interested in your mini-getaway than what is happening back home.

Don’t Plan Every Single Moment

Planning out your romantic weekend is a good thing. It’s always smart to have reservations made and a rough plan of what you want to do while you’re gone. This will help you to maximize your trip, even with a short time frame. However, it’s equally important that you leave yourself some free time. Don’t plan out every single little moment. Spontaneity can lead to some fun and memorable experiences. So, give yourself a break and explore the city with your partner…. without looking at the clock.

Even when you don’t have unlimited time, you can still plan an unforgettable weekend getaway. With a little planning ahead, you’ll be sure to make the weekend the most romantic one yet!

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