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Destination Wedding Tips for Brides


Congratulations! You’re going to have an AMAZING time getting married in paradise to the person of your dreams. Destination weddings really are one of a kind and the perfect way to say ‘I Do’ in style. For the bride who needs some tips on what to do and what to keep in mind, look no further than these suggestions below:)

DestinationThink About the Setting

Getting married on a beach might seem like the most perfect thing ever but it can have its issues! For example, the weather might not be as you imagine it to be so you want to be sure there is a back up place to have the ceremony. Another issue may be the wind – even the most still and perfect day has a bit of wind, making hearing anything from a guest standpoint nigh impossible. Do your research and figure out how to make your day perfect!

Quality of the Resort

Many resorts offer wedding services but just because you can get married in a place, it doesn’t mean you should. Try to pick a place that is known for having good quality food and water (water especially!) because the last thing you want is for people to get food poisoning or pick up a parasite. You want to be sure everyone has a great time so really do your homework on this one.


This is true for all services that you need to hire, but photographers may need to be booked WELL in advance and have their accommodation and flights paid for as well. Not all photographers will do destination weddings so be sure you get that figured out ahead of time. You may be able to get one on site that does a great job, but you’ll have to price it out and keep in mind you likely won’t be meeting them until you arrive at the resort – which may be a bit too late for many brides.

Marriage Licence

In all respects the ceremony, make sure you actually can get married in your chosen country and that it is recognized in your home country. Some places require you to be present in the country for a period of time before getting married, so some couples actually get married well before the ceremony and reception just to be sure it’s legal!


Destination weddings are super cheap for the bride and groom compared to a traditional one, but much more so for their guests. With an average price of $1500 per guest, most people will not be able to attend due to that reason. It’s not unusual either for the couple to spend a bit more than they figured because of additional expenses that just come out of nowhere (as is true with all weddings!). Be sure you have a lot of money saved or have very generous parents:)

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