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Who Doesn’t Love a Little Sun?

Regardless of where you live, the winter can really be a drag at times. Sure, taking to the slopes or building a snowman is a lot of fun if you live in a place with that kind of snow accumulation, but for those that drop below -40 C or even just hover around 0 C with a biting wind, the winter can be a dreary wreck that you would happily escape from if you could. Thankfully, you can!

Not everywhere in the world is suffering from the onslaught of winter and can offer a welcome reprieve from the blahs you’re facing and these destinations are only a short hop on a plane away. You can easily get flights to Barbados or other world class Caribbean vacation locales online with just a click of a mouse. Whether it’s last minute or planned out weeks in advance, the holiday of your dreams is within your reach – so what are you waiting for?

Still not sure? Take a look below at some of the reasons you should get away to somewhere warm this winter.

4693074220_a550b9cb7c_zThe Sun Does You Good

We all know the sun is the cause of life on our planet, but aside from providing warmth and nourishment for plants, the sun is one of the best sources of vitamin D there is. Being cooped inside during the winter or bundled up with little skin exposed means you are missing out on some of this valuable vitamin that perks your spirit and improves your health if enjoyed in moderation. Always wear sunscreen of course, but just being in a place where the sun shines could be the difference between you feeling positive and down in the dumps!

Breaks up Your Winter

Depending on where you live, the cold miserable weather can last anywhere from 2 – 7 months, but regardless of how long it actually lasts, it can feel like an eternity. You need a little light at the end of the tunnel – a reminder that it wasn’t always like this and you can enjoy being outside in little to no clothing and enjoying a sunny beach to your heart’s content. A quick getaway of a week to the Caribbean can be that much needed break that turns that never ending stretch into two manageable chunks!

Chance to Recharge

No, people don’t run off batteries (at least not biologically… not yet!), but you can feel your mood drop and your overall energy level just not be what it used to in the depths of the cold weather months. Some people get so warn down by the cold weather that they enter a depression spiral that can seriously affect everything in their lives. While these escapes aren’t free, getting on a plane to a resort is a surprisingly affordable way to deal with the stress of winter – plus you get a sweet tan too!

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