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Experience Heat Amidst Chill Weather in Iceland

To have a perfect place for your Christmas with your family along with a number of hot pools to get a dip in the frozen weather conditions then the best place is to visit Iceland. The place is full of tourist places, so people can enjoy their visit and also plan a visit to this beautiful land in the European country on their vacations.

Once you make your way into this beautiful place, there are a few places which will be regretted by you if you miss them. So some of the most wonderful places to visit are listed below:

  • The Iceberg Lagoon  (Jokulsarlon)

In the very south island of Iceland, is a national park, that’s a glacier on top and the glacier comes and breaks off and the icebergs float in this Lagoon and they float out into the sea and it is really one of the coolest most surreal places one will be able to go anywhere in the world. People visit Iceland often for this quiet and calm place.

  • Blue Lagoon

Some tourist visit Iceland especially for geothermal spas (hot spots) and among them Blue Lagoon which is situated in Reykjanes peninsula is the peoples favorite. It is worth the money spending, and also the service provided by them is good. Tasty drinks are available in the Lagoon bar. A fantastic view of the lava fields with warm water relaxing is enough to make relieve all the pressure and work related tensions.

  • Myvatn lake

This is another great geothermal spa for which people visit Iceland often for. This place is situated in the northern part of Iceland. Children can play around the steam coming from the ground in that area and also there a lot of outdoor stuff that can be done like horseback riding, kayaking, glacier hiking, etc.

  • The Golden Circle

Pingvellir national park, Geysers, and Gullfoss waterfall are combined to make the Golden circle and a must place to visit Iceland.

In the geysers spot, there is a blast of water for every 5 minutes, children just love seeing and enjoying that. Next comes up the huge beautiful waterfall which also has a fascinating view from the top.

  • Northern lights

During the months from September to April, there are full dark nights and also it is the perfect time to visit this astonishing view which will be able to see only if you visit Iceland. Photographers mostly visit Iceland to capture the beauty of the northern lights.

A wonderful and amazing place, one has to visit in their lifetime. The beauty of the nature shown makes people visit Iceland very often. These are only a few places, there are still more to explore and night stays are so good with northern lights and also people swim during nights and relax on spas.

A tour with your family or friends makes this trip complete with lots of fun and entertainment. Make sure to check out the complete travel packing tips and take all important medicine kit in case of emergency.

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