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Things You Shouldn’t Wear Flying – Part 2

I noticed that as I started writing the first one that I had WAAAY too much to say for just one post, so I divided it into two! More than likely this will follow with a third and possibly a fourth because…. uhh.. I’m observant? Maybe I’m not the best person to give an open forum like a blog to:p

Anyone who has flown before knows that there are two distinct parts of the flying experience:

1. Waiting to get on the plane

2. Waiting to arrive

In that time you want to be comfortable because it will likely take a while, but not so comfortable that people judge you… like me. You also don’t want to be dressed to the nines because some things are impractical and stupid… and I’ll judge you. Basically, if you see me in an airport, you’d better be dressed right according to Annie standards otherwise you could find yourself the topic of something lovely like this:)

Here’s the part two of my list of things not to wear while flying. Enjoy!

High Heels

This one is strictly for the girls. You know those annoying airplane safety videos that you have to watch before take off that say something about taking off your high heels if you have to go down the inflatable slide? No? Well, it’s a rule and I don’t think you want to be that bitch who ruins it for everyone else. I know the heels make your butt, legs, boobs… okay pretty much everything look amazing (one day evolution will make our feet more like Barbie’s), but just pack them in your checked luggage and toss on some flats for the plane ride.

Many, Many Layers

The transition from outside to terminal to airplane (and then reverse it when you arrive) is host to a number of climate and situation changes, which means you may get cold at any one point, especially if the plane you’re on seems intent on having the air blast the whole way. Resist the temptation to dress in too many layers from home prior to going through security because you’ll probably have to take them all off. One of those pieces is bound to have some hidden metal zipper that will trigger the metal detector.

Additionally, be sure to not wear clothes that you haven’t worn in a while and just tossed on right before going to the airport. I know someone who happened to have a few ‘herbs’ in an old coat that he was wearing and foolishly never checked the pockets of prior to going through security. Trust me when I say this, you DON’T want that to be you.


...maybe not the best thing to wear to an airport due to it's resemblance to a bomb.
…maybe not the best thing to wear to an airport due to it’s resemblance to a bomb.

Maybe you need it to keep your pants up, but if you can avoid it, don’t wear a belt through security. Like jewellery, watches and glasses you never know which airport will make you take it off or which one will have a super sensitive metal detector – but unlike the others, your belt may be more annoying to take off and put on in a tense situation. I once saw a guy wearing this GIANT beltbuckle of Texas and made this big thing about how he’s never had to take it off and he’s not going to now. Was it worth the trip to the little back room? I like to think it was…

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