things to do in Russia
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The Most Interesting Things to do in Russia

Russia is known to be the largest nation in the world. There are several things to do in Russia. You can make a list of the accomplishments and try to feel engaged in this part of the world. The place is bounded by the Arctic and the Pacific oceans. It is one of the terrific holiday destination ideas.

things to do in Russia

The land has the wonderful tundra forests and one can even enjoy some of the subtropical beaches. The place is known for the Moscow’s Bolshoi and St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky ballet companies. There are countable things to do in Russia. You would love to have a glimpse of the art collection at State Hermitage Museum.

  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts– In Russia you can follow the holiday destination ideas. This will let you know about the famous cities and things to do in Russia. You can start with the Pushkin Museum of fine arts. This is the premium and superior art museum of Russia. The museum is divided into three main sections.

things to do in Russia

Here you find the best selection of the European works. Here, you can see things from the exclusive ancient civilization. Among the several things to do in Russia, you can watch for the episodes from the Dutch Golden Age and the traditional Renaissance Period.

  • Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery– In Russia you cannot go without visiting the Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery. This falls under the best things to do in Russia. The monastery is built with the imposed stone. This is the main edifice of the Solovetsky Island. The monastery was founded in the year 1429.

things to do in Russia

Among the several things to do in Russia, the monastery is considered to be the hermit’s retreat. The construction is considered to be a vibrant part of the religious community. This is a resemblance of how a church got altered into a museum. This is the perfect spiritual institution attracting innumerable travelers each day.

  • State Hermitage Museum– Of all the things to do in Russia, You would love to watch the excellence of the State Hermitage Museum. The Hermitage is known for its sterling reputation. For days, you would love to witness and enjoy the treasures of the place. The more you watch, you aspire to see more.

things to do in Russia

Among the things to do in Russia, you can be there at the Hermitage Museum and admire from the enormous collection. Here you can see from one of the three million displays. These include the valuable private collections from the age. The items are fabulous and drastically admirable.

  • Armoury– The Armoury in Russia belongs to the year 1511. Among the ample things to do in Russia, you can enjoy the place discovered by Vasily III. At Armoury you will find the fine collection of the manufactured and the collection of the stored weapons.

things to do in Russia

The place is filled with the imperial arms. Here you also find the Regalia and this is meant for the Royal Court. At the Armoury, you find a lovely collection of the jewelry, the embroidery, and the icon frames. This is a stupendous example of the various things to do in Russia.

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