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If you are planning on Dublin travel you should make sure to know about the best things about the destination. Dublin is considered to be the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is located on the eastern coast of Ireland. The capital stands best at the starting point of River Liffey. It’s  one of the best Holiday destinations which can take us away from the daily hobnob of life.

Dublin travel

At the place, you find some of the best historic edifices. Here you can stare at the Dublin Castle and this dates back to the 13th century. There are lots of things to watch and enjoy as part of Dublin travel. Make sure to visit the St Patrick’s Cathedral and this belongs to the year 1191.

  • Trinity College and the College Green– One can start with the Trinity College and the College Green. This makes an essential part of Dublin Travel. There are lots of things you need to take on your way to Dublin. This is when you should make sure to follow the Dublin travel packing tips.

Dublin travel

The college stands with an incredible historical background. This is the oldest university you can find in the destination of Ireland, and the institution was discovered by Queen Elizabeth in the year 1592. You find feel best to move through the 40-acre site. Trinity is known to retain the traditional cobbled squares, parks, and gardens. The college makes an essential part of Dublin Travel.

  • Grafton Street– If you love to go for Dublin Travel you should not miss the chance to visit Grafton Street. This is known to be the best shopping location in Dublin. Here, you find the statue of Molly Malone sitting at the low end of the street. You can hear the buzz on the street from morn till night.

Dublin travel

The street acts as a magnet for the buskers. The place is filled with the tunes of classical quartets to the conventional fiddle players. If you really want to enjoy the pure essence of Dublin Travel, this is the best street you can visit.

  • Stephens Green– It is a great experience to be at St. Stephens Green in Dublin. This is a must visit the place and you cannot miss out the destination when planning for Dublin Travel. It is a Georgian building surrounded by greeneries all -around.

Dublin travel

You can watch for the redevelopments and these happened during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. If you desire a retreat from the busy city life, you can indeed make your way to the park. Here, you can follow just as the locals do. This makes a part of casual Dublin Travel.

  • Little Museum of Dublin– It is interesting to visit the Little Museum of Dublin. This is a must inclusion in the list of Dublin Travel. A visit to the museum will help you know about the usual and general life of the local population in Dublin.

Dublin travel

The museum was opened in the year 2011, and here you can watch for the artifacts and the mementos. The main strength of the museum lies in the temporary exhibitions. It also well deals with the permanent installations. The museum makes an essential part of Dublin Travel.

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