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Is There a Benefit to Having Internet Access in Your Hotel Room?

It’s hard to imagine what travel was like before the internet. From the planning and research stages to the booking of accommodations and flights, the internet has drastically altered the travel industry and made it a much more personal experience than it previously was. Where before you would have to book everything in advance with a third party, like a travel agent, you can do it from the comfort of your own home in a secure and reliable setting. Even when you’re actually on your vacation, having access to the internet makes the whole experience much easier and more comfortable, taking much of the stress out of travel that was there before.

Some people choose to completely disconnect from the online world when they are on holiday (and that’s fine!), but for those who don’t – or can’t – it is a huge help to having the internet available in your accommodation. Nobody wants the unexpected to happen (but how do you plan for it?) and people like the freedom to make changes whenever they wish – all of this is possible with the internet, possibly one of the greatest travel tools out there.

It’s even more handy to have it in your hotel room – and here are some reasons why:


Direct Access to Your Funds

There was a time when people relied entirely on travellers cheques when they traveled, but nowadays it is much preferable to have a bank account that is readily accessible from an ATM machine. Checking your various bank accounts online and then making a withdraw when necessary, transferring funds from an account to your credit card or keeping abreast of communications between you and your financial institution incase of fraud is so much easier when you have internet access in your hotel room. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.


Bookings Made Easy

If there’s a restaurant or a tour you want to try, it is a lot easier in many cases to set up a booking via email or some sort of online forum than calling or going there personally. Language issues, distance and time crunches are just some of the many impediments facing travellers in foreign locales, but if you have the chance to do it online, many of those frustrations are reduced.


Your Hotel as Your Hub

Creating a sense of home when you’re traveling is key to feeling comfortable and secure and having a connection to the outside world can be done through the internet. Sure, internet cafes are an option but with wifi devices becoming more common, there aren’t as many internet cafes to choose from – plus they can be inconvenient and not very private.


It’s the Way of the World

Like it or not, the world uses the internet for almost everything. Where it used to be something only a few people used, you are now the strange one if you do not. Even budget accommodations often offer free wifi access for their patrons because some places only do bookings now online. Check your flight status, book last minute train tickets or beg mom to wire-transfer you money – it can all be done online and it infinitely de-complicates the travel experience.


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