Yes, a Girl Can Have Fun on the Cheap in Magaluf

Magaluf is an exciting and dynamic vacation spot with fine restaurants, amazing nightclubs and stunning marinas. Of course, all of these things mean that Magaluf can be a very pricey place to visit. Many women may cross Majorca off their destination list if they are a little short on funds, but they shouldn’t, as there are ways to have cheap holidays to Magaluf.


Perhaps the most obvious of cheap places to be is the beach. With a towel, some water and a good book, all women can enjoy the sun and atmosphere that Magaluf has to offer while not spending anything at all. The beach is also a great place to connect with other travellers that may want to split the bill at a restaurant or share a car rental. The beach offers numerous other activities like swimming and snorkelling that are certainly not going to set anyone back much.

Most people are likely not thinking about exercise on a Magaluf vacation, yet there are some great walks and even some challenging hikes in and around the town. The reason that Majorca is such a popular destination is due to its beauty; getting out for a walk in the hills above the town is a perfect way to see some of the amazing vistas. So, with some good shoes and a healthy snack, combined with little research into some of the more common walking routes, there are days of free activities.

The main reason many younger women head to Magaluf is for the night life and it is certainly a well-deserved reputation. A night out can be a pricey, but it doesn’t have to be if it is well planned in advance. Many of the clubs have special deals with the intent of getting women to come to their club. This all means that a great night out listening to world class DJs is well within the reach of a girl not wanting to go broke while dancing.

Venturing outside of Magaluf gives the budget traveller even more options for activities with galleries, museums and markets, but if the trip is short, there is plenty for women to do in town without getting into debt.


Magaluf cliffs by Effervescing Elephant used under creative commons licence

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