Four Amazing European Destinations

As far as continents go, few are as sought after as travel destinations as Europe. Owing partially to its diverse range of cultures and immense number of historical sites, Europe is just one of those places you can see time and time again and always find something new to discover. It doesn’t matter if it’s great food, incredible people or a sense of history through culture, you can never go wrong with a trip to Europe.

The only problem lies in where do you start? With so many destinations available, it is often a task in frustration to narrow down just where to go first and what to save for a later trip. Speaking from experience, you can do the ‘cram in as much as you can’ thing, but you’d be much further ahead to pick a destination and fully explore it – you can always come back later and see the others!

Here is a list of some of the must-see locales in Western Europe. Have fun!



Situated southwest of the rest of Europe and just north of Africa, Spain is one of the warmest and most relaxed of the European countries. Home to passionate people who are as energetic as they are laid back – a remarkable combination – you will never be short of things to do or places to go in Spain. Some great starting points are Barcelona, Madrid or the island of Majorca for truly fantastic beaches.


The little country in the middle of everything (seemingly), Switzerland is the nature-lover’s paradise as it has gorgeous mountains, pristine lakes and lush rolling hills. Switzerland feels as though it is a truly European country as its citizens often are from all over the world (many international organizations have their home here) and the people can speak many languages, as it has a German, French and Italian side.


If you want a people fiercely proud of their heritage and a country filled with amazing sights, Ireland is the place to be. Incorrectly assumed to be the same as the UK, Ireland is a nation and culture all of its own, made up of hardworking people in one of the most ruggedly beautiful places on Earth. You’d be best to get Dublin airfares and spend some time in the capital city, a perfect jumping off point for seeing all the emerald isle has to offer.

Bella Italia


Without a doubt, one of the most sought after destinations is Italy – and for good reason. Be it Rome for the Coliseum, Roman Forum or Vatican City; Florence for the renaissance feel and Tuscan charm or Venice for the most surreal locale in the world, Italy can’t be missed. With out of this world food and fun loving people who always keep things interesting, Italy is the one place you’ll never get tired of and get excited for a chance to return.

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