Why I Am Sick of Taking Pictures


Photography and travel seem to go hand in hand. Part of the fun of seeing something new is capturing it to remember for later or brag to others, even if you aren’t the first person to show to see it. You have to wonder what it was like for the very first person who took a camera on vacation that was capable of taking quick pictures, knowing that they were going to show their friends and family these amazing things for the first time.

Unless I can take this picture!
Unless I can take this picture!

Sadly, we are long past that point.

I’m guilty of taking a lot of pictures when I go travelling because, uh, there are a lot of awesome things to see and capture, but there are times when I just can’t be bothered to do so. In fact, taking pictures can really annoy me. Here are my reasons:

There are Too Many Pictures Out There

I’ll credit and blame the internet for this. Doing a simple Google search for almost anything or place and you get not just a few images but a few million images – many of them the same thing. This can make it seem like not only have you seen the place or thing before but that you already have a picture of it, particularly if yours is going to be more or less the same thing.

I’m Good… but Others are Better

I like to think I’m not a half bad photographer but then I see someone who actually knows what they are doing and I feel ashamed that I’m even trying. From adjusting lenses to compensating for light, angles and then the all important photo editing software – I just don’t know how to do those things and I can’t afford the technology.

Everything Has a Camera Now

This is both a positive and a negative for virtually the same reasons. It used to be that if you wanted to take pictures of anything, you had to carry around a great big camera and have them developed in a lab. Now you can take it with your phone and the quality isn’t half bad. The only issue is, when everything has a camera and I can take a picture whenever I want, it loses it’s novelty.

I Don’t Feel Like it

Yeah… basically… I just don’t care. Sometimes I just want to live life instead of capturing it for later. The memory is enough for me!

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