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Things Annie Brings to Do on a Plane

This may come as a surprise to you since I am such a delightful person in every sense of the word (dare I say, lovely?), but I get bored from time to time on long plane rides. In many cases I can just occupy my thoughts with the excitement I already feel for wherever I’m going (or coming home from), sleep or chat with a friendly stranger, but on the really long flights there are times when I just need something to do. Heck, it can be the 45 minute flight from Frankfurt to Geneva and I’ll be itchin to do something!

When I think back to my first trip overseas and how woefully unprepared I was for it, it makes me giggle. Imagine this: getting on a trans Atlantic without a movie playing (well, there was, but it wasn’t very good), me without anything to do and I was sitting in the third seat of a four seat middle? It was hell! I didn’t make that mistake twice.

So on all following flights, I’ve been sure to be a smart little traveller and bring some toys to keep me amused. Even if you’re travelling with others, there’s only so much you can talk about before you just need some down time; even if you want some down time to sleep, you might not be able to do so – so plan ahead:)

Here’s what I never enter the skies without these days!



The best part about magazines is they seem made for travel. You grab one in the gift shop before you board so you have the latest one (and if you’re headed to a different English speaking country, you may be able to find a different version! Bonus!), and it serves you well for the whole trip. I always find I read articles I never would if I weren’t starved for something to do, and it always results in me learning something new:)


And yes, even my dainty little hands can hold it like that!
And yes, even my dainty little hands can hold it like that!


I have to admit – I’m a sucker for my iPad mini. I don’t care what the haters out there say about it costing too much or being risky to travel with – for me it’s the best travel invention ever. I’ve tried the others and they just feel clunky – and I’m a lifetime PC girl! Load it with some movies and tv shows (you can never trust whether your plane will have a movie, personal tvs or anything even worth watching), some music or whatever – it’s perfect anywhere and lasts super long!





As awesome as my iPad is, it really sucks for typing a lot on it – so I have a little fold up keyboard that I bring too so I can capture all my brilliant thoughts and insightful commentary for later.



This is hugely key if you’re travelling with others as you can bust out sweet games whenever you want – and is great for waiting for your flight too. Solitaire for yourself, war for a friend – there’s no limit to the fun!

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