Five Reasons to Love a New York Vacation

I went to New York when I was young and unfortunately I can´t remember much, but when I see my old pictures I look really excited – particularly in these 5 specific places which I would love to see again now… so here we go!

1.  Manhattan’s Many Buildings

I can´t imagine being in the middle of these huge buildings… I would love to feel really small, dwarfed by what great minds can create with the sky as the limit. To stay in though, I would probably prefer to find a New York home rental in a cozy area rather than staying in a crazy congested hotel, but we will see – first I need to buy my ticket!

2. Central Park
An oasis in the middle of all these giant structures, Central Park is an amazing contrast between the city that never sleeps, giving people perfect place to rest. I can definitely see myself on a nice bench reading a great book or even jogging while listening to music and gazing at the exact spots on where so many great movies were filmed.

3. New York’s Statue of Liberty

There are a few of these around the world but when you say ‘Statue of Liberty’, this is the one most people mean. A symbol of hope and what it is to be American, visiting this structure is the perfect way to learn more about America’s history, plus the view from the crown would be well worth it – I hope it’s still open to the public?

4. Brooklyn Bridge
I have some pictures passing the Brooklyn Bridge from a tour bus, but this time I would like to go and walk the whole thing myself. I was reading that the total length is 1,825 meters long –  that’s almost 2 kilometres of taking pictures and gazing on one of the most fabulous cities on Earth.

5. Chinatown
With many Chinatowns all over the globe in various cities, New York City’s stands out as one of the best. Looking at my old pictures it seemed like such a crazy place – almost like a different country – how could I not want to go back? Add in all the delicious Chinese food and I could probably spend a few days there…

I know I just wrote about 5 reasons to visit New York City again but I think I’ll have to write a second list sometime soon because I just realized how many other amazing things I missed, such as the view from the Empire State building and some great coffee shops and museums.
If you guys can recommend some non-tourist places in New York, the kind of hidden wonders that every city has, feel free to leave a comment telling me about it!

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