5 Family Travel Destinations that will make Santa’s job more difficult this Christmas

Wherever you choose to spend your Christmas holiday, the foremost thought in your children’s mind will be whether Santa will be able to deliver the presents! Christmas is a special time of year where you are able to enjoy time spent as a family, away from the pressures of everyday life. It is a chance to relax, unwind, escape from being the family taxi and to take a well-deserved break from making school lunches. Family holidays are a time to make treasured memories for your children.


The ideal holiday that provides absolutely everything! All you need are your personal items and everything else is catered for. With family friendly restaurants, a kids club, swimming pool and endless activities, a cruise is a holiday with something for everyone in the family. How will Santa find you? Well, we all know that reindeers can fly!

hamilton-islandHamilton Island

This island caters for families and children will have loads of fun with the many activities on offer. They can try bowling, the golf driving range, art classes, go kart racing and have great fun trying the BumperZ. For the younger ones, there is a Clownfish Club catering for babies from 6 weeks of age up to 14 years of age. This is also a great spot to cruise the Great Barrier Reef. Will Santa be able to find his way to a tropical island? That’s the question you will be asked!


Labelled the friendliest island on Earth, the Fijian culture is very family oriented and most resorts with have a dedicated nanny per family. Cruise or fly to Fiji and simply laze on the beach and slip easily into the Fijian way of life. Will it be too hot for Santa in Fiji?

Copenhagen, Denmark

If your family is passionate about Lego, visiting Denmark is a must! A Danish Christmas will transport you into a fairyland of powdery white snow draping buildings and lightly covering the streets. Christmas markets will glow with twinkling fairy lights and ornate Christmas baubles and decorations will adorn every available space. The famous Tivoli Gardens Christmas Markets will leave you in awe. Will Santa know you are so close to where he lives?


With its natural beauty, there are many ideal camping locations throughout Australia. Fraser Island Qld, Jervis Bay NSW and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts Qld are just some of the places that offer great camping facilities with safe water paddling for children. You can pitch a tent, hire a cabin or tow the caravan into your pre-booked campsite. Does Santa know what camping is?

No matter what travel destination you choose, whether it is cruising pristine azure oceanic waters, pitching a tent and camping by the beach or up to your knees in soft powdery snow, you can assure your family that Santa will find you wherever you are! Click here to find out some ideal family holiday destinations. Christmas is an exciting time; your children’s minds will be swirling with the holiday, all the fun things to do and Christmas Day. Children will never stop asking questions, so make sure you are prepared with the answers!

Kim Blair

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