Do you Need a Reason to Take an Amazing Cruise?

In your teens travel can seem to be the most important thing, well, maybe after getting hooked up with another boy or girl. And money doesn’t need to hold you back because you’ll just rough it a bit, maybe back packing, using hostels or even sleeping out when you’re in a warm place. But then come the studies and hopefully a good job and before you know it you start wondering where that free spirit went.

Working hard often means that you need to rest and recharge those batteries when you take a holiday, but for many of us lying on the beach for a couple of weeks just doesn’t cut it. That’s where the cruise kicks in as an ideal combination between truly kicking back and relaxing, yet still seeing lots of new things and possibly having some other fun experiences along the way.

You’ll love being taken around part, or even most, of the world in wonderful luxury, stopping off at places of interest. Yet you won’t really notice the distance as it’s all part of the experience. There are so many varied itineraries on offer from the modern cruise lines, it’s worth having a look.

You might even be tempted by something really special like Holland America’s innovative trips that bring you right centre stage of Strictly Come Dancing while your liner glides through the night. The cruise company has teamed up with some professional dancers and trainers to give you the full Strictly experience – but it’ll be you twirling across the floor rather than the celebrities!

This isn’t a gimmick trip though where your ship just takes you out into the ocean and it’s all about the dancing. This experience is available on some of Holland America’s most amazing cruises that would be life time experiences in themselves.

Take for example the seven night Alaska tour. You embark in the American west coast’s cool city of Seattle then sail north through the fjords of this largely undiscovered land. You are likely to see glaciers calving into the sea, amazing wild life, and experience some of the cultural highlights of American’s frozen wilderness.

If you haven’t cruised before you’ll love this kind of holiday where you really don’t have to think about anything once it’s booked. You’ll be looked after as much as you want, but if you want to get energetic it’ll all be there for you. Fancy the gym? It’s better on board that most people have experienced no matter what city they live in. Want to swim for an hour a day – many liners have a choice of pools with some for relaxing and others for pounding out the lengths. There’s as much pampering as a body could hope for, and then of course there’s the food – many of the larger ships offer formal dining and more relaxed buffet style meals depending on how you feel. All the ships will serve top quality food from around the world – and if you’re dancing away the small hours you’ll have the appetite to enjoy it all the more.

If you haven’t considered a cruise before, or you thought it might be for older and wealthier people then take a look at what’s available and speak to a company that books across a range of cruise companies. They will tailor a trip to suit you and within no time you could be looking forward to the most relaxing holiday you have ever had – yet still with a spirit of learning and adventure built in.

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