Getting Away for Christmas


I really think I need to get away for Christmas. This year was even more exhausting than usual (I’ll spare you the details but suffice it to say… there are members of my family that I’d like to take an icicle to their face), making me reconsider how I spend this time of year. Seriously… I need to change it up!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while so it’s not just some spur of the moment flake-out thing. Every year the same things happens: I go to my family’s place, we talk about our lives, we open presents, get fat and then they start asking when I’m going to start my ‘real life’. Yes, in case you aren’t aware, I’ve been living a fantasy this whole time. I love my family but there’s a reason I moved away… so they wouldn’t keep getting into my business! And, of course, this year was the same. UGH.

So instead of having to put up with that interrogation and guilt trip, I thought I’d take my own guilt-free trip somewhere different where the harsh eyes of familial judgment couldn’t cast a long glance in my direction. I have friends that do this every year and, well, why not me too? Why not skip the whole drama and obligation and do what I want?

That tree looks lonely... probably because it's missing bikini Annie!
That tree looks lonely… probably because it’s missing bikini Annie!

I could find a few friends and skip off to the Caribbean – work on my tan, drink til I feel giddy and live the good life. Or maybe I could find some charming villa in the Italian countryside and cozy up by the fire and take part in their traditions? Maybe a sweet New Zealand road trip? The possibilities are endless!

The only problem is, I’d never do it. It’s been programmed in my head to do certain things this time of year with my family and my guilt-free trip would be decidedly guilt-laden. Plus, I suspect I’m not the only one in my circle of friends who feel this way, so I’d be pretty lonely if I decided to take off… and solo travel isn’t really so much for this gal – at least not during the season of togetherness!

Christmas sucks in a lot of ways, but it’s not all bad. I do love my family and I do love going home and seeing all those familiar sites and a few friends from high school. I always have a pretty good time with my cousins and while the interrogation does get irksome, I have a lot of fun coming up with different answers for them and seeing the shock on their faces as they try to understand my life choices. For example this year I think I’m going to suggest I might get into body painting. Thoughts?

Mmmm liquid cake!
Mmmm liquid cake!

Not to sound like a lush either, but a few sips of delicious drinks always helps get through it. After a few glasses of my famous 600 calorie and 26g or fat eggnog (with a liberal dose of rum), I feel as though I’m in merry old England or somewhere else with the people I love but none of the stress. Yes, booze is good:)

Maybe next year I’ll take off… right now I just want eggnog.

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