A Whale of a Time in Miami

Miami is one of the most colourful and lively destinations in America. A week or even two in Miami may not be enough as this city holds a wealth of attractions whether you are looking for vibrant beaches, the hottest nightlife or a cultural tour of the Art Deco area.

Miami was once a place visited mainly by pirates looking for a deserted spot to bury their treasure but now this Florida hotspot attracts more than 12 million visitors per year. The sub-tropical climate is perfect for enjoying Miami’s beaches all year round and although there is a rainy season the temperature is usually hot or hotter. Visitors don’t just come to enjoy the beaches and if you’re looking for a holiday destination with a different activity each day then Miami will be hard to beat.

Theme parks for children and adults

There is definitely no shortage of theme parks in and around Miami. If you are on a family vacation then the Miami Seaquarium is the only place to view the Pacific white-sided dolphins and killer whale shows. Kids will also love the Miami Science Museum, which includes the Miami Planetarium with its two telescopes, spectacular laser shows and a wildlife centre. Jungle Island is definitely worth a visit to view the tigers, panthers and chimpanzees uncaged and up close.

The Great Outdoors

Miami holidays feature a wealth of outdoor activities and there are more than 800 parks to enjoy. This is the only city in America bordered by two amazing national parks. The Everglades National Park provides breath-taking scenery as well as the famous American crocodile and boat tours are the best way to traverse regions such as the flamingo area or Shark Valley. Biscayne National Underwater Park is the place for snorkelling and canoe trips as well as dolphin spotting tours and scuba diving among ancient shipwrecks.

Miami Beach

The famous Miami beach is actually four different stretches of beach and each has its own distinct flavour. The beaches here are all lively with beautiful white sands and plenty of bars, cafés and restaurants nearby. Head to North Beach for concerts at the North Beach Bandshell or South Beach to view the famous Art Deco buildings. Miami Beach Central features an elevated boardwalk popular with joggers and skaters while Miami Beach South Pointe Park offers the most amazing panoramic ocean views.

Cultural Miami

Miami is home to some amazing architecture but it’s the Art Deco buildings that this city is arguably most famous for. Miami Beach’s Art Deco district is home to hundreds of buildings built between 1923 to 1943 and this is the world’s largest collection of Art Deco buildings. The area also features some of the funkiest boutiques, art galleries and world class restaurants as well as second-to-none nightlife once the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean.

World class nightlife

Miami has been called the nightlife capital of the world and it is a place to spend a truly memorable night out. In this city you can dance till dawn in the world class mega-clubs or enjoy a more intimate setting in one of its many sophisticated cocktail bars. Music rules Miami every night of the week and whether you are a fan of live music bars or dancing to some hot Latin beats you will find something to suit your taste in this city.

Images by JustoRuiz, Capturing smiles… and Ines Hegedus-Garcia used under creative commons license

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