Why Hostels Need Kitchens

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One of the most interesting parts about visiting different places is the food they eat – so it’s understandable if we want to eat out as much as we can to soak up the experience. The only problem is, particularly for long-term travellers, this can really add up quickly resulting in less money for other essentials. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to just whip something up instead of putting on pants and venturing into the streets.


This was a sweet set up!
This was a sweet set up!

There are a lot of reasons why hostels don’t have kitchens and while it may not seem like such a big deal to stay at one without it, it is a pretty big deal. Some places just don’t have the room for kitchens while others avoid putting in such a perceived dead area because it’s one less zone that could be used for beds. It’s okay for a few days but longer than a week? Unless you’re unbelievably lazy, eating out everyday can get tiresome.


Here are some other reasons why hostels need kitchens:


Cooking in a Different Country is Fun

Again, it’s part of the fun of being in a different country. It’s true that regardless of where you are staying you revert to some quick and easy favourites from back home (or pasta and sauce – the universal quick and cheap meal that is virtually idiot proof and available everywhere), but the shopping experience is always different. Sometimes a fun way I spend time getting used to a new locale is just seeing how the markets or grocery stores are laid out – some prices are ridiculous and certain things you can’t find back home are plentiful here.



Can you feel the love?
Can you feel the love?

Meet Other Travellers

Bonding over food is one of the great ways to make new friends. Whether it’s sharing the same space and talking or cooking a big meal for your new found friends, it’s an experience that is easy to do and highly social. Not to mention, crack open a few bottles of wine and beer and you’ve got the recipe for an overseas house party!


Great Excuse for Down Time

Getting tired of going out all the time and just want to have a quiet night in? Pick up a few ingredients from the market and just chill in your accommodation. This is great at the end of a long day of sightseeing when you really just want to stay inside and do things at your own pace.


Saves You Money

Everyone loves money, right? If you have a kitchen available to you, it is ALWAYS cheaper to buy food and make it than to eat out – I don’t care where you are. If you’re on a tight budget, you can easily eat for less than $5 a day if you plan it out smart, which means more money for drinking! Or… historical sightseeing. Yes.


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