A Cypriot Summer Gem


Aphrodite was a goddess, so really any place she considers worth visiting, should be taken notice of. Cyprus is her mythical homeland, and in my opinion, that’s as good an excuse as any!

Paphos is a hugely popular resort on the island, with plenty to keep families, singles and groups occupied for an annual summer jaunt. A definite plus point is the short transfer from airport to resort o, at around half an hour, depending on how many hotels your coach needs to drop off at.

Being such a popular resort means there are many summer flights heading east to Cyprus, with many great deals to be had. Travelling can be stressful and tiring, so to cut down on travel-induced stress levels, I swear by airport parking. Airport taxis can be expensive, so you’re saving money, but also the knowledge that your car is looked after and ready for you on arrival home is a good bit of peace of mind. I recently used airport parking and would definitely use it again. Most UK airports offer this service, such as Luton Airport parking for flights from the Midlands, so check it out for yourself and see how much of a bargain you can find.

For me, holiday islands are all about the beach, and a short drive from Paphos takes you to Coral Bay – a must visit. Here you’ll find a sparkling white sandy beach with beautiful clear waters and plenty of water-sports. If you get the chance, and you have a head for heights, I’d recommend you give parasailing a go, it’s great fun. Another water-based activity I never miss is a boat-trip. If you want to accelerate that tan (but bear in mind you’ll need extra sun-cream and a hat!) then this is the day trip you need to be getting on. I always enjoy a day’s sailing around the coastline, for sheer relaxation and some breathtaking photographs of the coastline.

If lying on the beach and soaking up the sun gets a little monotonous, then get out and about and explore the area. Greek mythology is all around you on Cyprus and the Villa of Theseus and House of Dionysos are two must visits, with their stunning mosaics. For nature lovers, get your hiking boots on and head into the countryside for a breath of fresh, country air.

Paphos is quite an outdoorsy place, but when evening comes around, the many bars, clubs and restaurants will be happy to keep you entertained. I doubt anyone will go hungry with the range of food on offer, from traditional Cypriot cuisine to the usual British grub. Once your dinner has digested, make your choice of full-on, neon light partying, or more chilled out drinks in a quiet bar – the choice is yours.

With such a huge range of activities on offer, a holiday in beautiful Paphos is a great choice. Be sure to look into my recommendation of airport parking too, as I found it saved me money and really helped cut down on the traumas that travelling can sometimes pose! As before, most UK airport offer this service and if you’re heading out of Ireland, you’re not forgotten, with Dublin Airport parking available too.

For an island destination drenched in summer sun and vibrant night-life – Paphos is the perfect choice.

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