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Game Linked To Different Places Around The World

To learn about the cultures and traditions from around the world, you now don’t require to even step outside your house. Instead you could be strolling through various countries while enjoying your favourite slots games at online locations such as Magical Vegas. This online casino is one popular online casino site that has picked a plethora of extremely exciting games from various top game providers and gathered them all on its standalone platform, so that you can enjoy them from your desktop, tablet or even smartphone. There are slots games to satisfy the choice of everyone at Magical Vegas, and these game will lead you to fresh international flavours with their themes. Spin the globe and pick out a location, and you’ll find its matching game at Magical Vegas Casino.Eye of The Kraken

Just a few clicks at Magical Vegas can take you to locations such as Norway and Greenland with the Play’n GO online slot creation known as Eye of The Kraken. This unique 5 reels 20 payline online video slot will make you travel to the depth of the icy northern seas off the coast of Greenland and Norway. Since ancient times, tales of a gigantesque, multi armed, multi-headed, and horned creature has been narrated by Norwegian sailors since the 12th century. Even the bishop of Bergen described the Kraken in his 1752 book called The Natural History of Norway, and in later years stories brought the creature to a smaller size but still monstrous in proportion. One creature that has a striking similarity to the Kraken is the giant squid which are large enough to wrestle with a whale.

Head off to China with a bang while playing the 5 reels 10 payline Fireworks Slot at Magical Vegas. Did you know that fireworks originated in China some 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty? And that is much longer before gun powder was discovered. The first bangs of fireworks were those of green bamboo chunks that were discovered accidentally when someone threw them into a fire when dry fuel ran short. These bamboo exploded as the air trapped inside the plant’s segment expanded with the heat and it eventually burst the bamboo, emitting a loud bang. Alchemists accidentally discovered gunpowder when they were experimenting with sulphurous mixtures while attempting to create an elixir of life. They soon found out that their explosive mixture could be used in various ways such as for firecracker and even explosives for military use.

Sweden is home to some magnificent wild animals and now you can find them online on Wild North Slot at Magical Vegas. Sweden is a great place for those who are interested in Wildlife. Some of the great predators such as wolverine, lynx, wolf, and bear roam in the wilderness of Sweden, while you can also spot various birds, deer, reindeer, and moose without much effort in the landscape. Sweden is one of the largest country on the European Union, yet is has one of the lowest population density. This means that they have loads of space of pure wilderness where you can discover those wild animals.

Conquistadors refer to the Spanish soldiers and explorers of the Spanish Empire during the Age of Discovery. They conquered territories and opened trade routes across Asia, Africa, Oceania, and even America. These conquistadors colonised most of the world for Spain as from the 16th century up to the 18th century. Gonzalo Pizarro is one such Spanish conquistadors that has been made into a game called Gonzo’s Quest Slot and it can be played at Magical Vegas. Gonzalo led an expedition in 1541 searching for the fabled city of El Dorado which means the golden one in Spanish. He believed that it was a city made of gold and that it would make him a fortune if he could find it. In vain they did not discover this city but instead they discovered and explored the Amazon River.

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