Best Parts About Summer for Travel


Everyone has their favourite time of year to travel. Maybe it’s because the weather favours a certain activity or maybe it’s because that’s the time of year they get time off of work – whatever the reason, summer for many is their time of year to get out there and love life across all corners of the Earth.

For me, summer time is when travel is at its best. Winter is great for getaways to a tropical destination to bask in the heat and autumn is perfect for taking it easy somewhere close to home but summer is all about seeing something different and getting out there with others. It is called peak season for a reason after all!

Here are some of my most enjoyed parts about travelling in the summer (as if you needed much convincing of this in the first place!).

summer_night_in_finland________by_karilWarm Nights

If you love taking advantage of the night life and do most of your exploring and city lovin once the sun goes down, the summer is your paradise. Parties in the streets, festivals and just general exploring is better in the summer time. Sure, the days can get a bit much in certain locales but you needn’t rush inside because it’s too cool either. Even if you aren’t much of a partier, summer evenings extend your day trip plans by a few hours, meaning you can cram more in than you would be able to in the winter!

Beer Tastes Amazing

You don’t need to travel in order to enjoy a good beer (and it can be any time of the year too for that matter!), but the nectar of the gods does seem to take on a whole new life when you’re away from home and out and about. Every area has its own speciality beer and when paired with the hot summer days or warm nights, it can keep on flowing in the same way your cares just seem to melt away.


There are a lot of people who don’t care for thunderstorms but for me they are one of those spectacles of the season that I simply couldn’t do without. Personally, I would love to witness a thunderstorm in certain locations, like over the Paris skyline or marvelling as a bolt of lightning hits the giant lightning rod that is the CN Tower in Toronto. Getting caught in one isn’t fun, but sitting back, watching it roll in from your hostel as you hang out with new friends is a bonding experience you can’t recreate any other way.

Time Off

Regardless of how much you love your job, you’d rather not have to work to live or have the things you want. If you have the kind of work that lets you take time off whenever you want, generally most people save some time for the summer. If you are a teacher with a school year that ends for summer, you truly do have the best job of all. What could be better than having two months off, uninterrupted to just kick back and relax and jet off to somewhere amazing? Nothing – and that’s why everyone is so jealous!

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