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Best Two Places in Pune

If you are planning to visit Pune, include the following best two places in Pune in your bucket list.

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is one of the foremost popular monuments in Pune. In 1729 Peshwa Baji Rao commissioned the building of Shaniwar Wada. Shaniwar Wada has nice fountains, courtyards, fruits, trees, offices audience halls and substantial residential areas as its attractions.

Shaniwar WadaThe architecture of Shaniwar Wada was influenced by Moghul design and the hallmark of the Maratha craftsmanship. Shaniwar Wada was established by Bajirao Peshwa-I. The most door is concerning twenty one feet tall. The door settled within the north of the palace was named `Mastani Darwaza`.

The security of Shaniwar Wada nacquired a new dimension. Two hundred and seventy-five towers with fifteen to twenty soldiers were deployed there to protect the palace of Shaniwar Wada. All about, three thousand one hundred and forty-four guards were there to safeguard the monument from the enemies. The present feature of Shaniwar Wada is not the actual one. Seven Peshwas later restructured the monument.

In the year 1827 Shaniwar Wada caught fire. However the fire mysteriously remained undetected. The fire completely absorbed itself to all the artifacts and beauty of the monument. Before the monument caught fire there have been spectacular stone walls and City center. The residential quarters were designed with suru wood. The evening was filled with entertainment and enjoyed by the family lived there on that time. Shaniwar Wada may be a sensible illustration of efficient town planning maintained during the rule of Peshwas.

People can enjoy the light and sound effect show at the monument while visiting the Shaniwar Wada.

Shivneri Fort

Shivneri Fort is known for being the birthplace of great Shivaji. Shivaji was the illustrious ruler of Maharashtra. Shivneri Fort in Pune could be a well known historical military fortification. Shivaji spent his childhood in the fort and took llessons of all his military training here. Shivneri Fort is found just about 105 kilometer far from Pune.

Shivneri FortThe folks who are inclined to trekking, Shivneri Fort are the best place for them to visit. The boundary wall of the Shivneri Fort was built so high to safeguard the fort from the enemies. Inside of this fort there is a temple of goddess ‘Shivai Devi’. A larger than life statue of Shivaji is placed before of the Shivneri Fort. A traveller has to cross seven doors to reach in the Shivneri Fort.

Image by 4nitsirk,Swami Stream Under Creative Common License.


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