Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

Originally created as a non-public searching ground for the King of Mysore, this park eventually acquired the status of National Park and came underneath the umbrella of Project Tiger. Today, the Bandipur park is thought in concert of the foremost stunning and well-maintained national parks of India. The Bandipur park along with different parks like Wayanad life Sanctuary in Kerala, Nagarhole park within the north and Mudumalai life sanctuary in Madras is additionally a part of India’s biggest region reserve called the ‘Nilgiri region Reserve.’

Situated at a picturesque location enclosed by the hills of Western Ghats in Mysore, the Bandipur parkoffers a religious retreat. A walk on the woods amidst the mighty hills is an expertise that shall soothe your soul.

Climatic Conditions

Climatic conditions within the Bandipur park vary from hot to cold to rainy, remaining at intervals the brink of 18˚C to 29˚C ne’er very changing into too hot or too cold. The months of Feb to June are a section of the recent season with March and April being the most popular, whereas the Cold season begins in Nov and lasts upto Feb with December and January being the coldest months. the typical temperature lingers around 24˚C, with nights being a bit colder and days being hot.

Bandipur parkland

The Bandipur parkland receives rainy showers from South-West yet as North-East monsoon throughout the months of June to August and from Oct to November severally. Since the park lies at the junction of Deccan highland and Western Ghats, severa lvariations in altitudes are gift throughout the landscape. Thus, some areas receive significant downfall.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit the Bandipur National Park anytime time throughout the year. However, the sturdy rainy winds will typically be treacherous. the most effective time to go to this park is from November to June, once the weather conditions are good and lots of animals are around. If you would like to explore the range of insects,the most effective time to go to would be either simply before the time of year or subsequently.



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