Pearl Islands Travel Guide

Rich in history and natural beauty, the Pearl Islands are a land of concerning a hundred islands within the Gulf of Panama off the country’s seashore. that includes forest and pristine beaches, the Pearl Islands were created notable once they were used as a location setting for the fact tv series, Survivor, in 2003.

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During the sixteenth century, Spanish conquistadors were drawn to the land in search of its bounty of pearls, giving it the name, Pearl Islands. One amongst the islands, Contadora, was used as a central hub for investigating, recording and shipping the pearls to Spain. Today, Cantadora is one amongst the archipelago’s most developed islands, renowned for its lovely resorts.

Isla del Rey is that the largest of the islands, that is created from various cities and several other pre-Columbian archeologic sites. A number of the opposite islands embrace San Jose, Galera, Bolano, Marin and Cocos. attractive scenery, journey and life are a number of the archipelago’s main attractions. Crystal clear waters and sandy beaches starting from white to gold and black all supply swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, fishing and whale-watching, whereas the plush forests gift hiking trails to examine waterfalls and life like monkeys, toucans and macaws.

Pearl IslandsFor eating and nightlife, tourists can notice a range of choices throughout the Pearl Islands from international restaurants to ancient eateries serving authentic dishes like Panamanian ceviche (a kind of raw fish served with juice and spices).

Chartered boat operations and ferries are the most transport round the land, whereas walking, biking and taxis get tourists around on the islands.

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