Things to Do in London

Tower of London

The Tower of London is an English castle that dates to the building of its White Tower in 1078 underneath the direction of William the superior. The notorious castle served as a jail from 1100 to 1952. A number of its most famed prisoners have enclosed Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn,and Lady Jane Grey. The Crown Jewels have additionally been unbroken within the Tower since the reign of Henry III.

Tower of LondonHyde Park                               

One of London’s largest parks, Hyde Park could be a royal park that’s home to enthralling scenery and opens to the equally celebrated Kensington Gardens. To expertise London’s green spaces,think about visiting the attractive grounds of the park, that continues to be a preferred destination among tourists and Londoners alike.

Travel the Thames

London developed as an ancient site on the River Thames. To truly gauge the depths of the city’s history, it’s advisable to take a ride on the Thames. There are various boat cruises and it’s a great way to see the riverside views of the city and its fine architecture.River ThamesSt. Paul’s Cathedral

The seat of the Bishop of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1708. The famous church sits at the top of Ludgate Hill and its spires have been a recognizable part of the London skyline for centuries. Its elegant construction and art work attract many visitors throughout the year.

Trafalgar Square

Located in Central London, Trafalgar Square features Nelson’s Column, a famed landmark that celebrates one of the British Navy’s most famous heroes. With its fountains and various other statures, the square continues to be a popular tourist destination and is also a popular meeting place for Londoners.Trafalgar SquareAs an ancient town, London boasts a veritable treasure trove of interesting sites. These are simply some that ought to undoubtedly make your London travel itinerary. In fact, there are more things to try to to and places to go to in London, and it’s very laborious to know what to do/visit first.

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