Checking out Camden Fringe


Everyone loves a great festival showcasing the best in the arts in one of a kind venues that seem to make a locale pop with life. If you’re in London, find your accommodation with Hotel Direct to put you right in the middle of all the action and energy of the festival season. While many people will be heading to Edinburgh for its famous Fringe Festival this month, those wise and savvy travellers out there will know not to miss out on Camden Fringe, now in its 8th fabulous year!

camden-fringe-2013Showcasing performance arts of a wide range including theatre, comedy and music productions, Camden Fringe has something for everyone if they’re looking to be entertained in a unique set of venues. Originally being centered around the High Street, as the current festival exists, it stretches the whole area of the borough, with many venues reaching from Covent Garden all the way to Highgate. No two festivals are exactly the same making getting out and seeing this years iteration a once in a lifetime opportunity you won’t be soon to forget.

From experts in performance arts to newcomers on the scene, Camden Fringe features a wide range of talent to showcase the diverse world of performers. You might even find yourself inspired to get involved somehow in the show, be it as a performer or in some other capacity, seeing how fun and welcoming this community is. It’s great exposure for any performers looking to expand their fan base or if you just want to entertain.

One of the great things about heading to Camden for the festival is the setting itself, as Camden has a lot to offer visitors putting in time between performances, or vice versa! Top of the list of things to do and see in Camden are its markets, being a chief draw of the area for decades. While the region once housed stalls of a wide variety, catering to touristy and everyday needs, the current street markets are pretty much entirely devoted to tourism – a bit of a letdown for the traditionalists, but still worth checking out

The alternative nature of many of the markets lends itself very much to the Fringe festival, making a visit to either one a perfect compliment to the other. People big in the arts community will feel right at home among the populace and will be forgiven if they don’t ever want to leave. Quite trendy in its own right, Camden is perfect for anyone looking for a holiday in London that doesn’t revolve around the typical historical sites but can still be accessed if they so desire!


In other words, be sure to make Camden Fringe a stop on your travelling schedule this year, next year or any year you possibly can. It’s a fun filled experience celebrating the best of performing arts in an area that you can’t help but love!


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