Tour Komani Lake And Enjoy The Pristine Surroundings

Mother nature has a lot to offer to all hungry souls. We could but take a little more care. Our planet would have been better. However, it is not too late.

You can find the beautiful Komani Lake in Albania. The lake was formed in the year 1970.

It formed due to the amalgamation of two dams, Komani and Fierze. Most tourists are unaware of this beautiful location today. However, we bring it forth.

Take a boat ride, and get amazed at the greenery. It is one of the popular highlights of the North Albania tour.

Komani LakeReflections In The Beautiful Komani Lake

The water in Lake Komani becomes so still that you can see the sky within. On your visit to the place, do try a boat tour. Moreover, you should spend a day or two in the surrounding valleys. Valbona Valley is worth exploring. You can choose various activities, or relax in the pristine surroundings. It is one considerable place for hiking. Albania is a hidden gem. Not many people know about the region. If you are looking for new places to conquer in Europe, then this is for you.

Know More About Komani Lake

Komani Lake Albania is one of the best today. You can avail the ferry between Komani and Fierze everyday. It is a 2.5-hour boat ride. You will be passing through the most beautiful valleys. Initially, Lake Komani was not intended for tourist activities. However, today things are very different. The lake is not located near the city, so you have to commute to the place. Moreover, you can easily reach the lake and surrounding valleys from Shkoder and Tirana. It is a similar journey from Kosovo or Valbona.

Komani Lake Albania is a place that you should add to your bucket list today. It is one of the most scenic places in Albania. Now, before you start your journey, you have to remember a few things. Do you want to book a return ticket or move further away from Komani? There are plenty of other places, along the way. Most tourists who are aware of the place, book a 3-day tour. Moreover, you can do that too. Travel to Kosovo and Valbona today.

There are many popular ferry services along the lake. You can avail of the one, which is convenient. Berisha is one of the daily ferries that tourists take every day. During the tourist season, it can get crowded. So, make plans beforehand. Ferry Berisha operates in the summer months. There is another one for you. It is much smaller and ferries only passengers. Boat Dragobia ferries on most days at 6 am and 9 am from Fierze and Koman, respectively.

Visiting Nearby Areas

There are ample opportunities for you to experience the natural beauty. You may stumble upon a few guest houses in the area. Apart from the lake, the hospitality will enthrall you to bits. There are a few caves as well.

Shkoder is a beautiful town, which you can head for. If you have crossed over from Montenegro, then you have got to see this place. Get used to the Albanian way of life today.
Also visit Lake Skadar, beside the town. You can kayak or just spend some time in the woods.

Valbona National Park has plenty of hiking and trekking opportunities for you today. You can stay back, at one of the lodges and experience nature in its entirety.


What to pack for Lake Komai tour?

When you take the ferry ride, you have to keep certain things in mind. Get warm clothes for yourself, as it can get chilly. Seats inside are limited, so you might have to perch atop the upper deck. Always keep some sunscreen lotions and glasses with you. Carry enough food on the way and also take a camera. You do not want to miss the picturesque shots.

What are the facilities on the Ferry?

Ferry Berisha is the largest ferry in the region. Moreover, it carries passengers and vehicles. You can find a small café on the ferry. Have your fill of cakes, biscuits, and tea. There is a toilet as well. There are two decks, where you can perch yourself.

What are activities that you can enjoy?

You can enjoy boating, kayaking, hiking, and trekking in the region. There is so much to enjoy there. You will be spoilt.

Which additional place can I include?

You can include Theth in your itinerary.


With sudden hidden gems, Europe gains the name of the best place for travelers. There is nothing that you can miss there. Always get the most authentic experience on board. Komani Lake is an enigma.

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