Florida: an Ideal Beach Location

When I think of Florida, I instantly have images of Disney cartoons, theme parks and huge rides in my mind. But after I went to the Sunshine State, I realised that there is so much more to it than this, and it is also a fabulous location to head to if you want to spend your holiday topping up your tan on the beach.Here are just some reasons why I think Florida is a great place to head to on a beach break.

Great weather

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how great the sand looks if the weather isn’t good. Luckily, though, Florida famously boasts an incredible climate – it is known as the Sunshine State, after all!

Come here in the height of the summer (July and August) and you can experience highs of more than 30 degrees C. Even its winter months are warm by the UK’s standards, though, and you will see maximum temperatures of around 24 degrees C in January – its coldest month.

One thing I would do before the holiday, though, is check the weather forecast – Florida may always be sunny, but it can also suffer from strong storms during the summertime, and you don’t want to be stuck in those!

Stunning beaches

So now that you know you have a good chance of the weather being ideal for a sunny break, the next thing you need to find out about is, of course, its beaches. You’ll be glad to hear that Florida is home to some stunning long, white sand beaches.

If you’re used to Mediterranean countries or tropical islands with their small bays and short beaches, you’ll be in for a shock in Florida, as you can often see the shorelines stretch for a long way into the distance.

Lots to do

Key West is the most famous of the islands and you can do lots of things here other than sunbathe – if that’s what you so wish. Water sports are extremely popular, as they are on any of the isles. But Key West is also home to many attractions, including the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum and the Key West Art & History Museum.

The keys are famous for their laidback atmosphere, and you’ll find sidewalks lined with cafes, top-quality restaurants and lots of evening entertainment on offer on the islands, giving you plenty to do when the sun sets.

A variety of water sports

Let’s be honest though, the reason you’ve come to Florida is probably to spend time lying on the beach and taking a refreshing dip in the water. I’d definitely go snorkelling, while sailing is also a very popular activity to take part in here. If you head underwater on a diving or snorkelling trip, you might come face-to-face with the likes of spotted moray eels, groupers, barracudas and brightly-coloured coral. You can also see a on the seabed, which has become an artificial reef and is now home to a plethora of marine life.

So, if you’re looking to book your next holiday, I’d definitely recommend coming to Florida, whether you fly or hop aboard a ship for a┬ásummer holiday with Princess Cruises, as you’ll find lots more to do here besides going on theme park rides!

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