Travelling in indonesia

Travelling in Indonesia – Must Visit Places

Are you looking for the best residing place to make your trip unforgettable?

Indonesia is a wonderful place for water lovers who wish to enjoy ‘once in a lifetime experience’ because of its 17000 islands. No wonder that Travelling in Indonesia will appear as a second home to you as you explore its attractive sight scenes. Make your trip unforgettable by enjoying all the stuffs pleasuring you. There is large number of tourist attractions in Indonesia to discover in this vast country. Enjoy your trip with the following add on to your itinerary list.

Fun on Travelling in Indonesia

Flores land

You will enjoy an assortment of cultural and natural sights when you visit Flores land. The center of attraction is the Kelimutu volcano caldera. It’s a treat to an eye when you watch the color change with the amount of oxidation added to the water. Enjoy your stay with local families and don’t forget to get engage in bird watching. Enjoy trekking as well.


What you enjoy at this place is the massive peak roof house called Tongkonan. You will get a close look of the funeral rites. This will give you a complete idea of a how funeral ceremonies are carried over there.

Bukit Lawang

It is a small village that lies on the eastern side of the National park. This place is famous for letting the people get aware about orangutans. The Focus is paid on their hunting and decreasing numbers. You can enjoy trekking in the heart of the jungle and if you love water sports, then white water adventure waits for you at this place. You may be lucky enough to catch the sight of wild orangutan.


This Island is also full of attractive beaches and volcanic scenery like Bali. The place has fewer crowds that make it worth visiting. The center of attraction of the place is the enormous volcano of Gunung Rinjani and if you are an adventure lover then the place attracts you with its trekking charm. If you visit Lombok, then don’t forget to pay a visit to three Gili islands.


Your visit remains incomplete if you don’t add Bali to your itinerary. It is one of the most crowd puller amongst the tourists. It lures travelers with its mesmerizing landscapes, tropical beaches, volcanic hillsides, lush rice terraces and picturesque backdrop. Bali is well known for its pristine white sand beaches, open air restaurants, towering volcanic mountains, which offers all the visitors the chance to get very close to nature. You will also find Hindu culture with most of the names familiar to the Hindu’s famous epic Ramayana. It’s the friendly nature of the citizens and spectacular beaches that makes Bali a must-visit place.You have ample memories to take back home. You enjoy its 24X7 connected with your family. You will never experience short of ready cash because of its bank and ATM facility. If Indonesia is on your wish list, then pack a picnic and enjoy your vacations to its fullest extent.

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