Top 5 Places To Visit In Puri

Located at the Bay of Bengal, Puri is associate ancient temple city and is additionally familiar by its different name Jagannath Puri, referencing the Juggernaut Temple placed within the town. The name of the town is mentioned within the ancient Hindu texts of the Puranas collectively of the seven holy cities in India and could be a a part of the Char Dham journeying. Puri is additionally celebrated for its lakes, rivers and beaches and is best visited throughout winters. the town is wealthy in culture and heritage from its history dating since the third century BC. Puri is known for its temples, festivities and cultural festivals. Let’s discuss concerning the simplest places one will visit within the holy city of Puri.


Jagannath Temple

Built in 1161, the Jagannath Temple is one in all the most important Hindu Temples in India. The primary deity of the temple is Lord Jagannath, who could be a sort of Lord Vishnu. Curiously, not like the statues found in different Hindu temple, the sculpture of Lord Juggernaut is etched from wood and is replaced each twelve years. The Temple could be a a part of the Char Dham Hindu pilgrimage and could be a should visit attraction in Puri.

Puri Beach

Located at the shores of the Bay of Bengal the Puri Beach is the site of the annual beach festival and is also a sacred place for the Hindus. The beach is a common sight for sand art and is one of the most peaceful beaches to visit while visiting in winters.

Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary

Chilika Wildlife SanctuaryOne of the main life sanctuaries in Orrisa, the Chilika life Sanctuary is spread across a locality of 1100 sq kilometers. The sanctuary is found by the name Chilika Lake that makes the world the most important coastal lagoon in India and also the second largest within the world. The sanctuary is home to a large vareity of fauna and avi-fauna species and could be a definitive photographer’s delight.

Atharnala Bridge

Built by the kings of the Ganga Dynasty within the thirteenth century, Atharnala could be a medieval bridge that’s exemplified by the eighteen passages it contains of. The Bridge considered a protected archeologic heritage and is eighty five meters long. The simplest time to go to once more is throughout the winter months once the views of the environment are often enjoyed at their best.

Gundicha Ghar Temple

Gundicha Ghar TempleBuilt in a distinctive kalinga style, the Gundicha Ghar Temple was built by the queen of King Indradyumna the founder of the 1st Jagannath temple. The temple is located right next to the Jagannath Temple and is a common place of the festivities during the annual car festival known as the ‘Ratha Yatra’. The architecture of the temple is a marvel to behold and is ornate with intricate and artistic stone carvings.

Image by bokageRana Pipiens under CC License.


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