A Closer Look at a Different Side of Greece

While it may not seem the best time to go on a holiday in Greece, the country always has something to offer, regardless of economic crisis. My first experience with a Greek holiday was only relatively recent, and I am glad I finally decided to go. It isn’t known as the cradle of the Mediterranean for nothing, as the richness in culture and history, and the hot weather, makes it all worthwhile.

Being able to choose from Greece’s 1,400 islands  seems an arduous task, so I asked for the help of a friend who had already been. “Go to Thassos first, it’s beautiful” he told me, and I took the advice. Cheap holidays in Greece are aplenty, so cost was not an issue. We stayed at the Hotel Galaxy, and the staff were really hospitable, despite the communication problems. When in doubt, use gestures in Greece.


After a long day on the Paradise beach, one of the local kids insisted on taking me and my wife on a guided tour. We first headed to the Akrogialia tavern, which gives customers a free glass of Ouzo with every meal. The meal was fantastic, though the stuffed zucchini were a bit too much for my taste. Belly full, we then headed back to the hotel.

Most of our holiday in Tassos consisted of hanging at the Golden or Paradise beach, soaking the sun and going to the various Pigi’s tavernas, or restaurants like the Maestrale or the Karnagio. All in all a great experience, as we decided to move onto Paros.


In Paros we stayed in Naoussa, at the St. Andrea seaside resort. This was an excellent hotel, particularly for families, and the hospitality and service are great. The hotel is close to the beaches, and the view is pretty amazing.

While in Paros, I definitely recommend seeing the Ekatondapiliani Cathedral, which is not only for religious visitors. The church has a number of frescos and ancient relics, and it is really worth visiting. I have a wonderful memory, despite the fact that an old lady kept on trying to sell me rosary beads.

Another place to visit while in Paros is Restaurant Anna, which is a bit hidden away. While in there, you can just order and get your plates straight from the kitchen. It is very much like a traditional family taverna, and the food is fabulous.

After Paros, we decided to fly back home. We were only on holiday for two weeks, but had a different view of Greece, instead of visiting Athens and Salonika again.

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