Travel Photos: What to do with them when you get home

Summer is always the time when people take vacations and go on holidays to exotic locations that they have been saving for. After the vacation, they usually bring home tons of photos that hold priceless memories but what to do with these photos is always an open question. As a result, many of these photos never make it past their phones or computer, and many eventually end up in digital albums. While this is a great way of keeping them safe, it is not a lot of fun and definitely is not a great way to keep all wonderful travel memories fresh.

While many people love the idea of scrapbooking, the time needed to create one is a big problem. I however hope that you like these 5 DIY things you can do with your holiday photos. Some of them will only need a few minutes of your time while others may require a couple of hours.

1. Pocket travel journal

Before leaving on any holiday, many of us always ensure that we carry with us a small journal where we can write down the interesting parts of our holiday. Well, one way of immortalizing your memories is by making your journal a journal-album.


Example of a travel journal – sample from https://www.etsy.com/au/

How to do this you ask? Just print out the best pictures and stick them right into your journal. This way, the scribbles and photo will be a great reminder of the wonderful times you had. Additionally, the small size means that you can carry it on your trip and stick some of the photos when everything is still fresh.

2. Travel Collage

You’ll see your photos most often if they are on your wall, visible whenever you walk into the room. To that end one great solution is to get a photo collage printed out of some of your favourite shots. Have it printed on canvas then gallery bound (canvas tight across a wooden frame). Hang the end result somewhere eye catching and enjoy being reminded of some of your best times regularly.


Example of a travel photo collage – sample from http://thecanvasfactory.com.au/

3. A photo bulletin board

Another way of immortalizing your holiday experiences is by creating a photo bulletin board. This is a very simple DIY project that only requires a large bulletin board, map (preferably of the place you visited), glue, and your photos, receipts, or postcards.

If it is possible that your bulletin board is framed, that will even add to the beauty of the whole setup. All you need to do is stick the map on the board followed by your photos and postcards, and then hang it in your kitchen, hallway, or staircase.

4. Photo gallery

Stairwells, hallways, and basements usually have lots of empty wall space. What a great idea it would be to turn this space into a small gallery. You can hang photos from all your holidays.


Travel photo wall – sample from https://au.pinterest.com/

Print and frame some photos each time you come back from a vacation and add to your gallery. This will provide a great way of looking back at old vacation photos and seeing how much your kids have grown.

5. Smartphone cover

I saved this to be last because it is not exactly a DIY project. You may need help of a professional. However, it is a great way of carrying your memories with you every day.

Pick the photos you love most and have a custom smartphone cover made. You can decide the shape, size, and placement of each picture of an added personal touch. There is really no better way of keeping your memories alive.

6. Make a calendar

Many of us only use calendars to keep track of the days and weeks of a year. However, you can add life to your calendar by using the best photos from your vacation to create a wonderful calendar. You will be reminded or the wonderful times you had whenever you look at the calendar.

Instead of buying a calendar, pick some of the photos you love most and use them to create a custom calendar. Best thing is that you can decide of the size of the calendar.


Packing Tips For Your Trip To Cirebon

Packing. It can be a pretty time consuming process. You have to figure out what you need – and how much you need. One of the most common travel issues? Over packing. Many of us (even experienced travellers) tend to bring far too many items with us on vacation. That leads to bulky heavy suitcases. That can be a real problem. Especially now that most airlines are cracking down on heavy baggage. Anything over the limit will cost you money. Not exactly a great way to kick-start your trip to Cirebon. Not to worry! Just follow these super simple packing tips. They will make sure your Indonesian vacation goes off without a hitch.

Think About How Long You Will Be There. The most important thing to do? Think about how long you will be in Cirebon. You can find hotels here that will accommodate long trips as well as shorter visits. So take a look at your options. You might wind up at the beautiful Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon! Once you know how long you will be visiting…you will know how much you need to pack. Do not bring more than you need. Aim to have enough outfits for each day you are there. Then pack one extra. Just in case. If you are planning to go to a nice dinner during your stay? You might want to pack something appropriate for a night on the town as well.


Ditch The Dark Clothes and Choose Something Light. Indonesia is known for its warm weather. Scratch that. It’s hot weather. That makes it extra important for you to pack light. Literally. Choose lightweight clothing instead of heavy or bulky pieces. It is also a good idea to stick to lighter coloured clothing. Wondering why? Dark fabrics (like black or brown) absorb more sunlight. That makes them feel warmer. Light fabrics on the other hand reflect more sunlight. That helps you stay cooler throughout the day. Even if the weather is scorching outside.

Have The Right Footwear For Cirebon Attractions. The footwear you bring with you matters. Especially if you plan on visiting one of the local attractions. Say you plan to spend time at Sunyaragi Cave. You will need sturdy and comfortable footwear. This will make the walking much easier. So be sure to pack one practical pair of shoes in your suitcase. Then bring along some sandals (just in case you want to go to a water park or spend time at the pool) as well as a pair of shoes for evening. These can be a little dressier depending on what you have planned.


Make Sure You Have The Appropriate Extras On Hand. Now for the extras. There are certain things you will need if you are going to spend time in Cirebon. Like bug spray, nausea medication (in case you get queasy on the bus or in a cab), tissues, hand sanitizer, a wall adaptor (to charge your electronics), and sun essentials (like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen). With these on hand? Your Cirebon getaway will be absolutely flawless from start to finish.


Top 10 Solo trip destinations around the world

A romantic getaway to Paris, a family outing to Disneyland, a trip to Spain with friends… all this is always on the agenda – some checked off the list, some waiting in line. Yet, if you are someone who wants to explore new places and wishes to go beyond horizons, travelling alone is your best bet! Travelling solo is not weird; in fact, it is more of a trend! So pick up your bags and embark on an amazing solo journey, but where to? A fat bank balance or not, you’ll find some of the best-regarded solo destinations right here. Following are the top 10 solo trip destinations recommended by HolidayMe(EN|AR)

1.Sri Lanka

A land of mesmerizing wonders with its mystic ruins, sun-kissed beaches, azure waters, misty tea plantations, delicious food, abundant wildlife, and ancient forts is a perfect destination for a solo sojourn. That is not all, this spunky country reflects culture and history that goes back 2000 years – through its ancient sites and legendary temples. If this is your first solo trip, Sri Lanka is surely your best bet.


Famous for its breath-taking hiking trails, Nepal is a delightful solo trop destinations. Marred by earthquakes in recent past, this country is slowly but surely getting back on its feet. If you are seasoned trekker, do not miss out exploring Annapurna circuit. Hiking this Himalayan circuit usually takes about three weeks, but it’s a great way close to the natives; all you need is your basic mountaineering gear and you are good to go. Do put up at the comfortable teahouses along the way and buy local food as you go.



If you are an extrovert, you will surely like the vibes of Ireland, which welcome visitors with an open heart. Go pub-hopping at any of the conventional Irish pub, catch a traditional Celtic music session or simply explore its ethereal beauty on foot – things to do in Ireland are plenty! When you are done savouring its beauty, drown yourself in mug or two of famous Irish beer and relish the delectable Irish cuisine.


A backpackers’ heaven, a yoga enthusiast’s refuge, and a spa-junkie’s nirvana, Indonesia with its diversity is a much sought-after destination for solo travellers across the globe. Budget-friendly accommodation, cheap delicious street food, and lush green beauty waiting to be explored, only make the deal sweeter.


The sunshine country of the Mediterranean, Greece promises its visitors lovely sights of virginal white houses with blue roofs, winding cobbled stone pathways, hauntingly beautiful beaches aligning the sparkling ocean waters, and a warm reception by its natives. Do not miss out checking the beauties, right from Parthenon, to Odeon of Herodes Atticus, to Byzantine and Christian Museum, to Corinth Canal and more.

6.Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, the largest city of Iceland with its picture-perfect attractions like Blue Lagoon, is a great base for day trips. You could book yourself a guided tour to explore the various attractions of this lively city or simply get hold of a map and check them out yourself. If you’re looking to exchange exciting stories with fellow backpackers and solo travellers, head to the Laundromat Café, which is meeting point for such travellers.



If you are an adventure freak, update your travel bucket list with this exciting destination. Solola is very popular amongst backpackers, who are lured here by activities like hiking, volcano tours, scuba diving, kayaking etc. The place is also dotted with yoga retreats, so if relaxing is your thing, then Guatemala is perfect. Wondering where to buy awesome stuff from to bring back home? The all-week market should be your stop.

8.Kasol, India

Lofty mountains, gentle flowing river, a bountiful forest and ambience so intoxicating that you might even forget what day or century you are in. Yes, that’s Kasol for you! Aptly called as ‘Goa of the Hills’, this small village in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is creating ripples in the tourism industry. Stay at any of its cosy cottages and savour its local cuisine while you drink on the beauty it has to offer.

9.New Zealand

Breath-taking views, phenomenal food, variety of places to see, and vibrant nightlife – New Zealand has plenty to offer to its visitors. One of the friendliest countries in the world, New Zealand has no dearth of accommodation and eating options. History, gourmet, photography, or hiking, no matter where your interest lies, when in New Zealand you will surely be gratified!


Putting down on a pen and paper, why Spain is a fantastic country to be in, will leave even the most seasoned writer fumbling for words. They say, there is music in Spain’s soul and you actually experience it when you set your foot in this sunny European country. If you are a passionate person when it comes to food, music and travel… one thing for sure Spain will not disappoint you!


Great Places for Afternoon Tea around the World

Looking for the simplest places for top tea round the world? The places for tea conjure up images of elegant old world eating rooms with palm court orchestras, bone china, dainty cucumber tea sandwiches and petits fours. Today a number of the simplest hotels round the world continue the tradition and offer ancient tea services. If you actually wish to expertise the sophistication and magnificence of a bygone age, here are a number of nice places for top tea.

Claridges, London, UK

Although there are lots of tremendous places that serve tea in London, Claridges is one among the simplest ones! This most classic tea, that consists of wafer skinny sandwiches, pastries, freshly baked scones with cream, is served within the fin First de siècle foyer or elegant Reading Room to the soothing strains of classical music.

Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Even though Raffles building is accepted for its curries and Singapore Sling cocktails, no trip to Singapore is complete with not a visit to the present lovely colonial style hotel for tea. With such a large amount ofplaces for tea to go to Raffles building is remember.


T ea & Sympathy, NY, USA

The British themed rooms of Tea & Sympathy right in the heart of Greenwich Village are one of the best places for high tea. Visit this amazing English store which offers large handmade scones served with homemade raspberry or strawberry jam and slathered in thick cream. Sure, it’s not elegant high tea dining but it’s still one of the best places for afternoon tea around the world to visit.

E astern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

The luxuriousness of the tea room during this luxurious hotel and palm trees within the garden can enhance your classic tea. The tables are lavishly laden with elegant finger sandwiches, petits fours and cakes in the middle of an oversized array of varied teas.

Erawan Tea Room, Hyatt Hotel, Bangkok

Afternoon tea at the Erawan Tea Room has fully totally different attack the traditional English afternoon. The rich, classic décor of this tea Room revives the homesick atmosphere of a bygone era and offers delicate Thai flavors of savory and sweet aliment and an oversized variety of international teas.

Mount Nelson, Cape Town, South Africa

Located at the foot of Table Mountain, Mount Nelson is one in all the simplest places for tea. Besides the various tea varieties it offers the pleasant array of ancient buffet aliment. You’ll be able to even relish a tea made of rose petals picked from the garden of the edifice.

The Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

A famous old colonial haunt of Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham, the Strand Hotel is another place to go to for tea. The architecture of this hotel is certainly from a bygone era. Afternoon is served within the Strand Grill eating place. The heavily bed stands are laden with the foremost delicate petit fours, cakes and sandwiches.

maxresdefault (2)

Betty’s Tea Room, Harrogate

Known as one in all the simplest places for high tea within the UK, Betty’s Tea area has been serving tea within the county spa city Harrogate since 1919. There are quite fifty totally different teas and over three hundred breads, cakes and pastries to settle on from.

The Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, Canada

The Fairmont Empress Hotel has been serving afternoon tea to dignitaries and royalty for over a century. Its tea lobby is furnished elegantly with comfortable wing-back chairs, hand-carved furniture, and classy chintz fabrics. The most delectable sandwiches, pastries and scones are served on silverware and delicate bone china.

Have you ever been to one of these places for high tea? Which of these places for afternoon tea would you like to visit? Share your thoughts, please!



7 Unique Souvenirs to Pick Up around the World

Are you tired of that boring snow globe and postcards? There ar such a big amount of distinctive souvenirs you’ll pick up round the world, simply get a bit creative! Every place you visit has something unique to offer.  And it’s far more unforgettable to have a unique souvenir from abroad than a typical gift to bring home. Check out a list of best souvenirs to pick up around the world.

Japan’s Daruma Doll

When you consider Japan, the first issue that involves your mind is sushi or karate, right? But, have you ever ever detected of the Daruma Doll? This smart luck image related to Buddhism is extremely popular in Japan. One among the simplest things about the Daruma Doll is that it’s an excellent souvenir for anyone. Give it as a decoration for your family or friends, or give it to your colleague for some extra luck in the office.

Paper products from Florence

Perhaps, it’s the foremost shocking unique souvenir to pick up around the world, however Florence is known for its exquisite paper products. You may suppose that paper is that the worst issue to urge abroad, however paper in Florence is handmade and it’s marbled with awe-inspiring styles. There are several specialty paper stores with stunning handmade paper products that could be a surprising souvenir to anyone. So be sure to visit a few of them!


Fans from Spain

When visiting Spain, don’t forget to shop for an ornamental fan. Last week my friend visited Spain and he or she brought me back a really stunning fan. It’s a decent addition to my home and may be a nice language starter with my guests. My friend told Maine that someone will even get their name painted on fan. This is often one of the unique distinctive souvenirs to choose up round the world.

Vuvuzela from South Africa

Do you remember the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Vuvuzelas were so popular. A vuvuzela is a long plastic horn that produces a deafening sound. It’s a wonderful souvenir because it’s very unique to South Africa. Try to find some decorative vuvuzelas to spruce up your home. Vuvuzelas come in different sizes and colors so you will have a wide variety to choose from.


Leather products from Argentina

Argentina is world-renowned for its leather goods. These goods can range from wallets to purses and from jackets to shoes. That’s one of the best things about Argentina! You can purchase many different souvenirs and still get something unique to this country. With this unique souvenir, there’s literally something for everybody.

Marble souvenirs from India

Sure, you could get the typical postcard or jewellery from India, but why not have something more unique? For instance, buy a marble miniature version of the Taj Mahal or get other things like a vase or jewellery box. Many of the marble items are handmade and are so detailed and intricate. Buying these souvenirs is one of the best ways to remember your visit to India.


Macarons from Paris

Okay, i do know you will say that macarons don’t seem to be souvenirs, however why not? Paris is known for its delicious and unique macarons that are available in a good kind of colors. Macarons are meringue-based desserts with jam, butter cream, or ganache placed between 2 biscuits. Obtain some macarons for your family, friends or coworkers. This is a unique souvenir to bring home from Paris!

Traveling is a wonderful experience and buying unique souvenirs is a great way to commemorate your trips. What unique souvenirs did you bring home from your trips? Do you think you’d buy one of these unique souvenirs abroad? Please comment below and thanks for reading!