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    Tour Komani Lake And Enjoy The Pristine Surroundings

    Mother nature has a lot to offer to all hungry souls. We could but take a little more care. Our planet would have been better. However, it is not too late. You can find the beautiful Komani Lake in Albania. The lake was formed in the year 1970. It formed due to the amalgamation of two dams, Komani and Fierze. Most tourists are unaware of this beautiful location today. However, we bring it forth. Take a boat ride, and get amazed at the greenery. It is one of the popular highlights of the North Albania tour.

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    Backpacking In Canada: 7 Best Backpacking Destinations In Canada

    Backpacking can be a one of a kind experience. When we think about backpacking, the first place that comes to our mind is Europe. But most of the people are not aware that backpacking in Canada can be extraordinary. Canada is a beautiful country. They have a good number of hiking trails, which are less traveled on the backcountry. Canada is the second-largest country in the world with a landmass of 4 million square miles. One should go backpacking in Canada because half of the country is covered by forest, making it a dreamland for backpackers. Hiking is Canada is very different from Europe. You do not get any huts…

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    Plan a Personalized Architectural Tour

    If you have ever been on a road trip in the US, you will know how wonderful it can be. Every state of the USA is beautiful with numerous historical places, archaeological finds, natural wonders, and places dripping with culture. It would take any hardened traveler years to explore all that the United States of America has to offer. This is equally true when it comes to exploring architectural wonders. The states are dotted with some of the greatest creations of man, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Space Needle. So, if you are someone who is planning to go for a group trip to explore the architectural wonders…

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    5 Places to Include on Your Winter Getaway to Europe

    There is no denying that most people prefer to go on vacation during the warmer seasons. The sunnier periods are often associated with the laidback attitude attributed to holidaymakers. However, winter actually offers its own brand of magic as well. It only takes some research to look for worthwhile activities to do during this season. Do not let the cold weather get in the way of having a great trip! Below are some places you should consider adding to your European winter adventure. 1. Explore St Peter’s Basilica The Renaissance-style structure is the largest church in the world and it is generally considered to be the center of the Catholic…

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    Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a resplendent resort area right at the intersection of France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is well known for its skiing resorts and yearlong cable car rides. With pristine white snow, Chamonix is the best holiday destinations to visit for those who prefer the cold climate to the subtropical climate. Chamonix’s spectacular scenery and alpine town atmosphere never fail to attract people from all over the globe. It also boasts of the highest cable cars in the world.