Travelling in indonesia

Travelling in Indonesia – Must Visit Places

Are you looking for the best residing place to make your trip unforgettable?

Indonesia is a wonderful place for water lovers who wish to enjoy ‘once in a lifetime experience’ because of its 17000 islands. No wonder that Travelling in Indonesia will appear as a second home to you as you explore its attractive sight scenes. Make your trip unforgettable by enjoying all the stuffs pleasuring you. There is large number of tourist attractions in Indonesia to discover in this vast country. Enjoy your trip with the following add on to your itinerary list.

Fun on Travelling in Indonesia

Flores land

You will enjoy an assortment of cultural and natural sights when you visit Flores land. The center of attraction is the Kelimutu volcano caldera. It’s a treat to an eye when you watch the color change with the amount of oxidation added to the water. Enjoy your stay with local families and don’t forget to get engage in bird watching. Enjoy trekking as well.


What you enjoy at this place is the massive peak roof house called Tongkonan. You will get a close look of the funeral rites. This will give you a complete idea of a how funeral ceremonies are carried over there.

Bukit Lawang

It is a small village that lies on the eastern side of the National park. This place is famous for letting the people get aware about orangutans. The Focus is paid on their hunting and decreasing numbers. You can enjoy trekking in the heart of the jungle and if you love water sports, then white water adventure waits for you at this place. You may be lucky enough to catch the sight of wild orangutan.


This Island is also full of attractive beaches and volcanic scenery like Bali. The place has fewer crowds that make it worth visiting. The center of attraction of the place is the enormous volcano of Gunung Rinjani and if you are an adventure lover then the place attracts you with its trekking charm. If you visit Lombok, then don’t forget to pay a visit to three Gili islands.


Your visit remains incomplete if you don’t add Bali to your itinerary. It is one of the most crowd puller amongst the tourists. It lures travelers with its mesmerizing landscapes, tropical beaches, volcanic hillsides, lush rice terraces and picturesque backdrop. Bali is well known for its pristine white sand beaches, open air restaurants, towering volcanic mountains, which offers all the visitors the chance to get very close to nature. You will also find Hindu culture with most of the names familiar to the Hindu’s famous epic Ramayana. It’s the friendly nature of the citizens and spectacular beaches that makes Bali a must-visit place.You have ample memories to take back home. You enjoy its 24X7 connected with your family. You will never experience short of ready cash because of its bank and ATM facility. If Indonesia is on your wish list, then pack a picnic and enjoy your vacations to its fullest extent.

Beautiful Family Destinations – Spots in India

One of the best ways to spend time with your family is to take a tour to many beautiful family destinations. Spending your holiday outside the home city gives you a chance to feel fresh. It gives you a time to bond well with your family and friends and loved once. You don’t have to go to big budget places for spending time with your family. There are many beautiful family destination in India to visit, where you can spend a value timing with your family.

Check Out Beautiful Family Destinations to Explore


Kashmir is rightly said as the mini Switzerland. Many tourists all around the world come to India to visit Kashmir to witness the paradise on Earth. It is an amazing spot to enjoy with your family. The valley is a tourist hot-spot but only few people know that the valley is much more than Shikaras and the Dal Lake. Kashmir has numerous National Parks and beautiful garden to visit. The most well known spots are Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg, where one can have a delight.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you wish to enjoy the soothing weather with your family, then Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the perfect destination. In these islands, people can explore white sandy beaches and warm blue water. You can enjoy water sports like scuba jumping and you can also explore the variety of marine life and watch the light and sound show at Cellular Jail. The popular activities of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are scuba diving and snorkeling, which make your travel more adventurous and delight.


Uttarakhand is an awesome family destinations to go through some happy moments with your family. There are numerous well known spots and religious places, where you can cherish your mind. It is an excellent state sitting on the lap of Himalayan range and enjoying the pleasant and chill climate. The natural beauty is in abundance here. It is a place with rich green forests, snow loaded mountains, blossoming valleys and dazzling waterfalls.

You can enjoy some sweet time here or you can experience thrilling activities. Haridwar is a famous religious spot and Rishikesh is well known for its adventure sports. The beautiful Nainital is known for its curious appeal, which catches the eyes of the visitors from all over the world. Mukteshwar is a flawless place for meditation to get rid of your day to day stress.


Kerala is well known for its natural beauty and beautiful climate. It is popularly known as Gods’ own country because of its amazing beauty with greenery all around. In fact, you can also discover rich green coconut estates, vast paddy fields, banana plantations and lots of various plants. There are likewise numerous rich green backwoods that develop a good rainfall. Apart from all these, one of the beautiful destinations to visit is waterfalls. You can enjoy a perfect time spending in Kerala visiting beautiful family destinations that brings lots of unforgettable experience.


When you think of Goa, the thing that comes to mind is the vast and incredible beaches. But, Goa is more than these flawless beaches and sea. It also has various landscape situated in Sahayadri slopes. There are numerous little and huge slopes and beautiful waterfalls in Goa where you can have blast with your family.

Spend Sweet Spring in Australia – Top 5 Things to Do

September marks the beginning of spring in Australia and it is one of the best times to visit the ‘Land Down Under’. With temperature ranging between 11 – 20 degrees Celsius, it is the perfect time to soak in every moment in this beautiful tourist destination. Jacaranda & jasmine flowers pepper the street and the sun shines brightly to beat the winter blues.

If you are a lover of nature, art, food, festival, adventure or just about any refreshing experience, there are plenty of options to fill up your travel diary. Head to a car hire service in Australia, choose your ride and buckle up for a journey to remember.

Here is a list of things you can do during your spring holiday in Australia.

The Art and About Festival in Sydney

Quirky, creative and tastefully stimulating, the Art and About Festival in Sydney hosts several programs spread across the year.

Experience an exhilarating cabaret by the Art and About festival this September in The Nevada at The World Bar. The cabaret, titled ‘Hidden Sydney – The Glittering Mile’ will transport you to the bygone era of the mid 20th century .
Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory

Are you one of those who think a holiday is incomplete without a trekking & camping expedition? If yes, then put on your boots and drive away to Alice Springs and reach the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, Australia. The 223 kilometers stretch is divided into 12 sections, ranging from moderately easy to more challenging trails. The shortest trail is the one to Ormiston Gorge-Finke River (4 km) while the longest is the one to Serpentine Chalet Dam-Ormiston Gorge (28.6 km).

Noosa, Queensland

Noosa is a sub-tropical paradise in Queensland. Laden with sun-kissed beaches, tropical rainforests, beautiful bays and welcoming walking trails along the coast, Noosa has a very cool, pleasant charm of its own.. Enjoy a barbeque lunch in the Everglades , sip tea on Afternoon Tea Cruise, go on an overnight canoe and visit the World Heritage Site Fraser Island.

Mount Buller, Victoria

Located in the Alpine region of Victoria, Mount Buller is a smooth three-hour (approximately 200 km) drive away from Melbourne. Mt. Buller’s 740 acres of terrain is perfect for skiers, snowboarders and road cyclists. During your stay in The Mount Buller Alpine Resort, you can try your hand at horse riding, wine tasting and beer brewery.

Floriade Flower Festival, Canberra

The breathtaking blossoms at the Floriade Flower festival in the heart of Canberra will enthrall your senses. Visit any day between 17 September 2016 and 16 October 2016 to witness spring in all its glory. The festival is Canberra’s most celebrated annual tourism event.

Travel Photos: What to do with them when you get home

Summer is always the time when people take vacations and go on holidays to exotic locations that they have been saving for. After the vacation, they usually bring home tons of photos that hold priceless memories but what to do with these photos is always an open question. As a result, many of these photos never make it past their phones or computer, and many eventually end up in digital albums. While this is a great way of keeping them safe, it is not a lot of fun and definitely is not a great way to keep all wonderful travel memories fresh.

While many people love the idea of scrapbooking, the time needed to create one is a big problem. I however hope that you like these 5 DIY things you can do with your holiday photos. Some of them will only need a few minutes of your time while others may require a couple of hours.

1. Pocket travel journal

Before leaving on any holiday, many of us always ensure that we carry with us a small journal where we can write down the interesting parts of our holiday. Well, one way of immortalizing your memories is by making your journal a journal-album.


Example of a travel journal – sample from

How to do this you ask? Just print out the best pictures and stick them right into your journal. This way, the scribbles and photo will be a great reminder of the wonderful times you had. Additionally, the small size means that you can carry it on your trip and stick some of the photos when everything is still fresh.

2. Travel Collage

You’ll see your photos most often if they are on your wall, visible whenever you walk into the room. To that end one great solution is to get a photo collage printed out of some of your favourite shots. Have it printed on canvas then gallery bound (canvas tight across a wooden frame). Hang the end result somewhere eye catching and enjoy being reminded of some of your best times regularly.


Example of a travel photo collage – sample from

3. A photo bulletin board

Another way of immortalizing your holiday experiences is by creating a photo bulletin board. This is a very simple DIY project that only requires a large bulletin board, map (preferably of the place you visited), glue, and your photos, receipts, or postcards.

If it is possible that your bulletin board is framed, that will even add to the beauty of the whole setup. All you need to do is stick the map on the board followed by your photos and postcards, and then hang it in your kitchen, hallway, or staircase.

4. Photo gallery

Stairwells, hallways, and basements usually have lots of empty wall space. What a great idea it would be to turn this space into a small gallery. You can hang photos from all your holidays.


Travel photo wall – sample from

Print and frame some photos each time you come back from a vacation and add to your gallery. This will provide a great way of looking back at old vacation photos and seeing how much your kids have grown.

5. Smartphone cover

I saved this to be last because it is not exactly a DIY project. You may need help of a professional. However, it is a great way of carrying your memories with you every day.

Pick the photos you love most and have a custom smartphone cover made. You can decide the shape, size, and placement of each picture of an added personal touch. There is really no better way of keeping your memories alive.

6. Make a calendar

Many of us only use calendars to keep track of the days and weeks of a year. However, you can add life to your calendar by using the best photos from your vacation to create a wonderful calendar. You will be reminded or the wonderful times you had whenever you look at the calendar.

Instead of buying a calendar, pick some of the photos you love most and use them to create a custom calendar. Best thing is that you can decide of the size of the calendar.

Packing Tips For Your Trip To Cirebon

Packing. It can be a pretty time consuming process. You have to figure out what you need – and how much you need. One of the most common travel issues? Over packing. Many of us (even experienced travellers) tend to bring far too many items with us on vacation. That leads to bulky heavy suitcases. That can be a real problem. Especially now that most airlines are cracking down on heavy baggage. Anything over the limit will cost you money. Not exactly a great way to kick-start your trip to Cirebon. Not to worry! Just follow these super simple packing tips. They will make sure your Indonesian vacation goes off without a hitch.

Think About How Long You Will Be There. The most important thing to do? Think about how long you will be in Cirebon. You can find hotels here that will accommodate long trips as well as shorter visits. So take a look at your options. You might wind up at the beautiful Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon! Once you know how long you will be visiting…you will know how much you need to pack. Do not bring more than you need. Aim to have enough outfits for each day you are there. Then pack one extra. Just in case. If you are planning to go to a nice dinner during your stay? You might want to pack something appropriate for a night on the town as well.


Ditch The Dark Clothes and Choose Something Light. Indonesia is known for its warm weather. Scratch that. It’s hot weather. That makes it extra important for you to pack light. Literally. Choose lightweight clothing instead of heavy or bulky pieces. It is also a good idea to stick to lighter coloured clothing. Wondering why? Dark fabrics (like black or brown) absorb more sunlight. That makes them feel warmer. Light fabrics on the other hand reflect more sunlight. That helps you stay cooler throughout the day. Even if the weather is scorching outside.

Have The Right Footwear For Cirebon Attractions. The footwear you bring with you matters. Especially if you plan on visiting one of the local attractions. Say you plan to spend time at Sunyaragi Cave. You will need sturdy and comfortable footwear. This will make the walking much easier. So be sure to pack one practical pair of shoes in your suitcase. Then bring along some sandals (just in case you want to go to a water park or spend time at the pool) as well as a pair of shoes for evening. These can be a little dressier depending on what you have planned.


Make Sure You Have The Appropriate Extras On Hand. Now for the extras. There are certain things you will need if you are going to spend time in Cirebon. Like bug spray, nausea medication (in case you get queasy on the bus or in a cab), tissues, hand sanitizer, a wall adaptor (to charge your electronics), and sun essentials (like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen). With these on hand? Your Cirebon getaway will be absolutely flawless from start to finish.