Top 5 Memorable Travel Experiences Around the World

There are some attractions you can visit and experiences you can have while travelling that just can’t be rivalled. Whether it’s seeing a unique historical site or completing a physical challenge, each will be memorable in its own way.
Here are five particularly amazing experiences you can have while jet-setting all over the globe.1. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
As the tallest walkable summit in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania stands out as one of the most popular trekking destinations on the planet.¬†Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro¬†is a challenge (after all, it is 5,895 m high), but it’s incredibly rewarding.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing the panoramic views from its summit after a hard few days of walking to get there. Add to this the array of wildlife that lives in the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park – such as colobus monkeys, elephants and buffalo – and the fact that you have the chance of spotting these creatures while walking and this really is one trip you’ll never forget.

2. Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia is the largest coral reef system in the world and one that is home to a rich variety of marine life.

While seeing the reef from above in a small plane is certainly impressive, the best way to truly appreciate this natural structure is by scuba diving on it. When you delve beneath the waves you’ll be greeted by a colourful array of corals, as well as numerous species of fish.

Among the creatures you may see are turtles, white-tipped reef sharks, nurse sharks, cuttlefish, octopus and giant groupers, to name just a few.

3. Walking on the Great Wall of China
As the Great Wall of China is among the largest manmade structures in the world, walking along even a section of it is an amazing experience. The mere fact that the stones beneath your feet have been there for centuries makes a visit here truly special.

Without doubt, one of the most astounding sections of the fortifications is around the reservoir at Panjiakou, where the wall plunges into the water at two points. The section at Luowenyou, where you can ascend the structure and hike, is also spectacular, as it is quieter than other parts of the wall and boasts amazing views.

4. Seeing the Pyramids in Egypt
As the last remaining wonder of the ancient world, the Egyptian Pyramids should be on every discerning traveller’s hit list. It’s hard to describe the sheer scale of these monuments, which really do have to be seen to be believed.

Despite the fact that Cairo has expanded significantly and surrounds the Giza Plateau, where the Pyramids are located, they still feel somehow removed from modern society. The size of the stones used in their construction and their towering height really is awe-inspiring.

If you are visiting the landmarks, make sure you allow enough time to also appreciate the sphinx which, while smaller than the Pyramids, is still large and incredibly impressive.

5. Visiting the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is one of the most astounding geological features in the world, as its depth and length really are staggering. In case you don’t know, the canyon is a mile deep and is 277 river miles long.

The rich red colour of the rock from which it has been carved only adds to its amazing appearance. It is easiest to observe the canyon from the viewing point at the South Rim, which is 2,134 m above sea level. The observation point from the North Rim, which is a little higher at 2,438 m, is just as stunning, but more difficult to reach and often inaccessible in the winter due to snow.

For the full experience, you should take a flight over the canyon to appreciate it from above, as well as book a trekking tour into its depths to see the towering rock walls on either side of you.

What are your most memorable travelling moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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