The Jewel of the Nile


A while ago I found out a dear friend of mine was moving to Cairo for a few years to teach and I couldn’t help but be insanely jealous. Visiting Egypt has always been very high on my travel to do list, what with the ancient sites, beautiful weather and delicious food – it just wasn’t fair that he got to do this! Sure, I’ve been other places ahead of him but… I want it all:p

So I decided to make it my mission to make a list of the things I was most looking forward to when I inevitably go see him in a few months. The saving will be hard but the waiting will be harder! Here’s what I came up with:

Wander the Streets

One of the best things to do in any city or location you just arrive to is to simply immerse yourself in your surroundings. Forget detailed plans or fixed schedules – when you first get there, let your imagination run wild and just take it all in. In Cairo, you’ll encounter fantastic bazaars, modern retail outlets, delicious smelling food and colourful characters that will make it easy to see why Egypt is such a popular destination for travellers the world over.

Cairo-viewCheck out the History 

It might be fairly obvious to anyone planning a trip to Egypt, but as far as historical destinations go, you can’t get much more important than Egypt to human civilization! From the moment your plane begins its descent into Cairo and you see the Great Pyramid of Giza to the countless historic sites in the Valley of the Kings and throughout Cairo proper, you’ll be in your element if you love history. Arranging tours are a simple matter too and can be done from most accommodation or before you even depart.

Explore the Nile

The longest river in the world is not only one of the most historical important water sources around but also a great place for recreation. You’d be crazy not to take a Nile river cruise to see the various sites that line the banks and the wildlife that call it home. Prefer to stay on land? There are parks, resorts and spas, as well as villages galore that line the river to explore, bringing fertility and tranquility to an otherwise parched land.

Soak up the Culture

At the end of the day, what really sells a place as a travel destination is the culture and Cairo and Egypt as a whole have this in spades. From the noisy and hectic marketplaces to the solemn places of worship, you will be sure to find a part of Cairo that speaks directly to you. Add in very welcoming and hospitable people and it won’t be long until you make a return trip to this jewel of the Nile.


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