Are You a Hustler? Fun Personality Test

Do you have more in common with Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, or Victoria Coren Mitchell? The answer might surprise you! It’s not a question of preferring Jennifer Garner to Playboy Bunnies, but a question of your personality at the betting tables.
Check out this simple infographic and follow the path to reveal a little bit about what drives your betting process. Gaming often seems random, but there are core personality types that have repeatable results, win or lose!

Are you a…
• Hustler, in it to win it with a clearly defined plan for a set number of games
• Socialite, a people person who plays for camaraderie rather than money
• Show Off, a casino peacock who’d take big attention over a big payout any day
• Escapist, taking a break from the mundane world (occasionally forgetting to return!)
• High Roller, bets big to win big, but has the bankroll to survive the inevitable big loss
Take the personality test by following the Europalace infographic and find out if you’re the next Batman, a lovable scoundrel, or something else entirely at the tables!


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